Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Life Lived Better.... In New Orleans

Thank the lord for social liberal Democrats in New Orleans. Keeping people dependent upon the government, government policies that prevent independent living like owning your own car, depending on government transportation to get around city..... now these people are having to wait more than 2 hours in the hot sun waiting for a city-paid bus to take them and their pets out of the city. Where? Who knows. But, even the pets get city-provided transportation in the pet-carriers. They even get city-provided water bottles while they wait for the city-provided buses.

Good thing they didn't buy those stupid earth killing vehicles.

Weather Channel is already predicting that Hurricane Gustav's name will be retired due to the massive destruction that it is going to wreak upon New Orleans.

My gut is telling me that the storm might hit closer to Houston. And as crass as it sounds, I am going to laugh if the city of New Orleans gets flooded again. And then I will cry when I realize that the government will once again spend BILLIONS to repair that sinking 7foot under sea level city.

How many billions are being spent already and the storm has just entered the Gulf.

just a rant. sorry.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Do you really know Obama?

Do we really need to elect a Marxist as President of our Democratic nation? Do we really need to elect someone who values terrorist's lives over the lives of unborn children? Do we really need to elect someone who wants to tax anyone who makes money and give it to people who don't?

Can we afford to elect someone during a time of war on terror? Can we elect someone who always seems to blame America first for the world's problems? Can we really elect someone who claims the Christian Bible is not a worthy guideline to base our lives on? Can we really elect someone who believes in class-warfare by making fun of people who have faith in God and people who own firearms? Two things that this nation was founded upon!!

(H/T Brian)

Monday, August 18, 2008

When Worlds Turn Upside Down

When a male rape victim is told to pay child support, you got to know that our world has lost all sense of right and wrong.
LANCASTER, Ohio --- A Pickerington couple and their son are fighting for custody of a baby born to a Lancaster woman charged with having unlawful sex with the boy, who was 15 at the time of conception.

A paternity test shows that the teen is the father of the baby born April 7 to Jane C. Crane, who was 19 when she became pregnant. Now, a judge has ordered him to pay $50 a month in child support and set visitation at seven hours a week.

"The child support was the icing on the cake. I couldn't believe that our son has to pay child support to his abuser."