Monday, October 29, 2007

Now Praises To GOD Removed from Wash Monument

From AFA:

The National Park Service, a branch of the federal government, has joined the Veterans Administration in establishing anti-Christian bigotry as public policy. The NPS has censored “God” from a key display of America's Christian heritage in Washington.

The reference is an engraving of "Laus Deo," which is Latin for "Praise be to God," on the east side of the 100-ounce aluminum cap atop of the Washington Monument.

Since the actual inscription on the cap is unviewable atop the 555-foot stone column, the NPS created a replica which is on display in the white-colored obelisk of marble, granite and sandstone.

Now “God” has been removed from the plaque containing information about the Washington Monument. In 2000 the plaque read:

APEX OF THE MONUMENT Reproduction The builders searched for an appropriate metal for the apex that would not tarnish and would act as a lightning rod. They chose one of the rarest metals of the time, aluminum. The casting was inscribed with the phrase, Laus Deo, (Praise be to God).

The NPS censored the last sentence from the latest plaque, which now reads:

CAP OF THE MONUMENT Reproduction The builders searched for appropriate metal for the cap that would not tarnish and would act as a lightning rod. They chose one of the rarest metals of the time – aluminum.

In addition, the replica of the cap which is in the monument has been positioned so close to the wall that the wording “Laus Deo” cannot be read. Prior to the censorship by the NPS, the replica wording could be read.

It was the third time in just the past few weeks that an agency of the federal government has banned the use of “God.” First was the Architect of the Capitol banning religious references when issuing flag certificates. That ruling was later rescinded. Next came the Veterans Administration censoring religious references in the script used to describe each fold of the flag at 125 national cemeteries. That censoring came after only one person complained.

Because of the NPS censorship, children and other visitors to the monument now have no way to know that the words, 'Laus Deo,' ('Praise be to God'), are inscribed on the original cap atop the monument! This censoring of God will help establish anti-Christian bigotry into federal law.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dems Slacking Off Once Again While Still Getting Paid

From NY Times:
WASHINGTON, Oct. 26 — Shortly after winning a majority last year, Democrats triumphantly declared that they would put Congress back to work, promising an “end to the two-day workweek.” And indeed, the House has clocked more time in Washington this year than in any other session since 1995, when Republicans, newly in control, sought to make a similar point.

But 10 months into the session, with their legislative agenda often in gridlock with the Bush administration and a big election year looming, the Democrats are now planning a lighter schedule when the 110th Congress begins its second year in mid-January.

The House majority leader, Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, told fellow Democrats this week that the House would not be in session next year on Fridays, except in June for work on appropriations bills.

Explaining that decision to reporters, Mr. Hoyer said, “I do intend to have more time for members to work in their districts and to be close to their families.”

His comments drew snickers from Republicans, who are quite happy to share their view that the American people did not get much value for all the extra time lawmakers spent in Washington.

“Is this a reward for our accomplishments in 2007?” asked Representative Roy Blunt of Missouri, the Republican whip.

And on Friday, President Bush once again hammered Congressional Democrats, accusing them of failing to meet basic responsibilities like approving annual budget bills and confirming his nominee for attorney general, Michael B. Mukasey.

“This is not what Congressional leaders promised when they took control of Congress earlier this year,” Mr. Bush said. “Congress needs to keep their promise, to stop wasting time, and get essential work done on behalf of the American people.”

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bush Admin Has Gone Over Deep End

From LGF:

The Bush Administration now has fully caved...

Another Attack On Our Culture And Our Christianity

From American Family Association & One News Now:

In the latest attack on Christianity, the U.S. government has banned the flag-folding recitations at all 125 national cemeteries. The banning came as the result of one complaint! The situation is similar to that in which one person removed prayer from schools.

This article from The Associated Press explains the situation:
Complaints about religious content have led to a ban on flag-folding recitations by Veterans Administration employees and volunteers at all national cemeteries.

At thousands of military burials, VA volunteers have folded the American flag 13 times and recited the significance of each fold to survivors. The 11th fold glorifies "the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” The 12th glorifies "God the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost."

Citing a need for uniformity, the National Cemetery Administration has prohibited unpaid VA volunteers as well as employees from conducting the recital at all 125 national cemeteries.

American Legion attorney Rees Lloyd calls it "another attempt by secularist fanatics to cleanse any reference to God."
Following one complaint, the Veterans Administration has made anti-Christian bigotry the law of the land. The U.S. government has bowed to pressure from one radical anti-Christian secularist. Allowed to stand, the action by the Veterans Administration, in essence, means that anti-Christian bigotry is now the accepted and approved law of the land.
Veterans sum this slap to honor, heritage and Christianity up succinctly:

Veterans and honor detail volunteers, including Bobby Castillo, 85, and Rees Lloyd, 59, are furious. "That the actions of one disgruntled, whining, narcissistic and intolerant individual is preventing veterans from getting the honors they deserve is truly an outrage," Lloyd said. "This is another attempt by secularist fanatics to cleanse any reference to God."

World War II Navy veteran Castillo said it's "a slap in the face to every veteran."

"When we got back from the war, we didn't ask for a whole lot," Castillo said. "We just want to give our veterans the respect they deserve. No one has ever complained to us about it. I just don't understand."

Lloyd and Castillo are part of a 16-member detail that has performed military honors at more than 1,400 services. They were preparing to read the flag-folding remarks at the Riverside cemetery when graveyard staff members stopped them.

Charlie Waters, parliamentarian for the American Legion of California, said he's advising memorial honor details to ignore the edict. "This is nuts," Waters told the Riverside Press-Enterprise by telephone from Fresno. "There are 26 million veterans in this country, and they're not going to take us all to prison."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

dude's car runs away from him

Is this dude an idiot?
Yes. Of course.
And yet, he is an even greater idiot for his inept reaction.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Arrest Illegals Attending Event For Illegals

From The Great Congressman Tancredo !!

Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) today released a statement regarding an event Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) reportedly plans to hold in conjunction with discussion of the DREAM ACT – an event that will be attended by several illegal aliens.

“I call on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency to detain any illegal aliens at this press conference. Just because these illegal aliens are being used for political gain doesn’t mean they get immunity from the law.”

“If we can’t enforce our laws inside the building where American laws are made, where can we enforce them?”

Going Down The Tubes


Can you say... DISASTROUS ?!!?!?

Wonder what it means to NOT honor the country you are trying to get elected to lead? Can you say un-American? Can you say... NOT WORTHY ?

This is even worse than pledging loyalty to American on a koran.

Monday, October 22, 2007

From the All-Time Elder of Ziyon

Here is the link to great article:

A child was killed and 3 others injured by the Police in Sheja’eya Quarter yesterday evening. The Center’s preliminary investigation indicates that at about 16:00 on Saturday (20 October 2007), a group of youth in Mansour Street in Sheja’eya attacked a policeman and beat him. A police force arrived and fired indiscriminately, killing Khaled Salman Hamdan (8) by a bullet to the chest as he was walking with his mother to a wedding in the area. Three others were injured, including one child who was critically injured.
Hamas "police" firing indiscriminately, killing an eight year old?

One would expect that this would make world headlines. It is, after all, symbolic of Hamas' reckless endangerment of human life, and their culpability for his death is far worse that the hoax of Mohammed Al-Dura. But there will be no intrafada in defense of Hamdan, no world headlines screaming for revenge, no Reuters pictures of his funeral, no apologies to come from Hamas. This is expected behavior, a dog-bites-man story, and if it wasn't for the Palestine Center for Human Rights (which is shamefully biased itself) no one would have ever heard of Khaled Salman Hamdan.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Boy Scouts ONce Again Punished For Morals

Maine, Its Time To Pull Your Kids Out Of Public Schools

From Yahoo News:
PORTLAND, Maine - After an outbreak of pregnancies among middle school girls, education officials in this city have decided to allow allow one school's health center to make birth control pills available to girls as young as 11.

King Middle School will become the first middle school in Maine to make a full range of contraception available, including birth control pills, patches and condoms. There are no national figures on how many middle schools provide such services. Most middle schoolers range in age from 11 to 13.

Portland's three middle schools reported 17 pregnancies during the last four years, not counting miscarriages or terminated pregnancies that weren't reported to the school nurse.

The Portland School Committee approved the plan, offered by city health officials, on a 7-2 vote Wednesday night. Whether the prescriptions would be offered this school year or next wasn't immediately clear.
Hmmmm, that is 4.25 per year.... or less than one per school.

So, kids can't take backpacks, brownies, toys.... but they can get BIRTH CONTROL pills, patches and shots from school hacks?!?!?

Here is an idea. How about forcing those kids to stay home with their worthless parents and force the parents to deal with the issue that they have kids. Or, better yet, take those kids from the lazy idiotic parents who can't seem to care about what is going on in their kid's lives.

Get this...

Five of the 134 students who visited King's health center during the 2006-07 school year reported having sexual intercourse, said Amanda Rowe, lead nurse in Portland's school health centers.

So, is that a statistical number or a fact that those kids who did have "sex" just admitted that they did because it was something to admit to? Here is something else. Did those girls that got pregnant really have sex or where they raped? Were they raped by someone close and are keeping quiet about it? How come no news about them being arrested for sexual assault? This is rape after all!?!??!

Committee member Sarah Thompson, also the mother of a King eighth-grader, supported the policy, even though it made her "uncomfortable."

Yeah, nothing like firm confidence in your own position. This is why our kids today are so out of control. No boundaries. If they learn that sex during middle school years is OK, then they will just do it more and more. And now that they can get FREE!!!! birth control measures, there is no reason for them to stop having "sex".

"I know I've done my job as a parent," Thompson said. "(But there) may be a time when she doesn't feel comfortable coming to me... (and) not all these kids have a strong parental advocate at home."

"MAY BE A TIME..."?!?!!? She is 11 years old!!!!! If she is having sex and not telling you, there is something more seriously wrong that her just not feeling comfortable talking to you about her periods. Get a grip woman!!! She just said that she is a strong advocate (whatever that means) but then sells her kids down the river by letting the school choose how, when, where, and why her kids have sex. There is no reason we should be allowing our school systems to be teaching our kids every single thing.

How about this. I will let you run the sex classes in my school if you will allow the teaching of Judeo-Christian Bible studies while prohibiting the teaching of other religions. Also, you will have to close down the ESL schools/classes. You will have to start teaching real English in English classes. No more special busing for non-American kids. Stop teaching foreign language classes before High School. Start teaching how to read and write in elementary school.

You do those things, and I just might be willing to let you also teach my son about how to freely have sex. By then, he might have a good head on his shoulders to where he can think for himself.

Oh, and you must provide a true and effective After-School Program where kids can get counselling, tutoring, homework time, and more importantly, play time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Woman Cited For Swearing Due To Overflowing Toilet

From the Times-Tribune, of Ohio I think:
A West Scranton woman could face up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $300 for allegedly shouting profanities at an overflowing toilet while inside her Luzerne Street home.

Dawn Herb, whose potty mouth caught the attention of an off-duty police officer, was charged with disorderly conduct recently, prompting her to fire off a letter to the editor and vow to fight the charge.

“It doesn’t make any sense. I was in my house. It’s not like I was outside or drunk,” said Ms. Herb, who resides at 924 Luzerne St. along with her four young children. “A cop can charge you with disorderly conduct for disrespecting them?”

The obscenities hit the fan when she battled her overflowing toilet around 8 p.m. Thursday, she said.

Although Ms. Herb doesn’t recall exactly what she said, she admitted that she was frustrated and let more than a few choice words fly. Unfortunately, it was near an open bathroom window.

“The toilet was overflowing and leaking down into the kitchen and I was yelling (for my daughter) to get the mop,” she said. “A guy is yelling, ‘Shut the f--- up,’ and I yelled back, ‘Mind your own business.’ ”

Her next-door neighbor, Patrick Gilman, a city police officer who was off-duty at the time, apparently had enough of Ms. Herb’s foul mouth and asked her to keep it down, police said. When Ms. Herb didn’t stop, he called the police.

Patrolman Gerald Tallo responded and charged Ms. Herb with disorderly conduct.

The citation accuses the defendant of using obscene language or gestures “with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm or recklessly (creating) a risk ...”

The use of obscene language or gestures is an offense under the state criminal code. But cursing at a police officer isn’t a punishable offense, said Mary Catherine Roper, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union based in Philadelphia.

“It cannot be the basis for a citation. You can’t prosecute somebody for swearing at a cop or a toilet,” she said. “We bring one of these cases a year and sue some police departments because they do not remember that they are not the language police.”

Saturday, October 13, 2007


From CBS in New Jersey:
A New Jersey rabbi on his way to synagogue was brutally beaten with a baseball bat just steps from his home and left a bloody mess on the ground, police say, and many believe he was targeted because of his religion.

Gauze and rubber gloves still litter the ground where 53-year-old Lakewood rabbi Mordechai Moskowitz was savagely attacked with an aluminum bat. His face and head were so badly damaged that the paramedic who responded was his own nephew and didn't even recognize him.

"You wouldn't recognize him. It doesn't look like him, like anything like he used to look," said another one of Moskowitz's nephews, Moshe Rotberg.

Rotberg spent all night at the hospital with his uncle, who had to be placed into a medicated coma because of his condition.

"This was totally instigated by somebody's either sickness or hate," said Rotberg.

Moskowitz was attacked under the darkness of night in the middle of Princeton Avenue near 12th Street in Lakewood. While he was being attacked, residents tell CBS 2 they heard his attacker yelling at him.

"He started screaming, 'Jew! Jew! Jew!' Every time he hit him with the bat he banged and screamed 'Jew' again," said a neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous.

Lakewood police say they have no evidence that the attack was a hate or bias crime, but were able to find the baseball bat used and have a description of the attacker.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Baltimore Orders Big Brother To Spy In Your Home

From the Baltimore Sun:
Hoping to deter crime by expanding the use of surveillance cameras, Aberdeen passed a measure that empowers the city government and police to require cameras in new developments.

The Police Department, the Department of Planning and Community Development, and the Department of Public Works will decide whether a new residential, commercial or industrial development must install cameras at "strategic locations" before a development permit is issued.

The City Council passed the measure, which becomes effective next week, by a 4-1 vote.
Cameras installed at new developments will be connected to a watch room at the police station, Mayor S. Fred Simmons said.
But the ordinance does not spell out guidelines for determining whether a new development will be required to have cameras, which concerned the lone dissenter on the council vote, Ruth Elliott.

"We have no internal procedures or policies on this," Elliott said. "It is vague, and you can read in between the lines." Though crime is decreasing in Aberdeen, the city is seeking to prevent crime by expanding the camera program, Simmons said.
Here is the ordinance as passed that allows cameras in and around your homes.
Aberdeen Ordinance No. 731-06: Surveillance Cameras:

Provisions for security cameras shall be installed at strategic locations in all commercial and industrial developments and in any residential developments deemed appropriate by the Aberdeen Police Department and Department of Planning and Community Development. Coordination between the Aberdeen Police Department, Department of Public Works and the property owner will be required prior to the approval of any development permits.
Why are they doing this? Because they can and because everyone else is as well. Heck, we just live in the age of security cameras so what is the big deal with a few thousand more...?
Surveillance cameras are a familiar sight in larger cities such as New York and Chicago. In Baltimore, a network of about 400 surveillance cameras is in use. And smaller Maryland towns, including Preston and Ridgely in Caroline County, use surveillance cameras. The Harford County Sheriff's Office has been looking into bringing cameras to Edgewood.

Law enforcement officials have credited the cameras with providing information about suspects such as descriptions and license plate numbers.

Simmons said he is interested in expanding the camera program in Aberdeen to monitor traffic on U.S. 40, using cameras that can read license plate numbers and run them through a computer database to check whether a car is stolen or the registration is expired.

"You can't go to a supermarket, the ATM, or a drugstore without being camera'ed," Simmons said. "They're all camera'ed. ... Look up and there's three or four white cameras capturing everything on the state highway. We live in that age."
The lone dissenter had at least the intelligence to ask some questions and doubt the council's reasonings...
Elliott voiced discomfort with that notion.

"I don't care to have cameras everywhere in the city," the councilwoman said. "I'm supportive of having cameras in areas where there are problems."

Elliott said the ordinance doesn't protect average residents.

"Whatever that's caught on camera, that may not be of a criminal aspect, just a personal thing could be used depending on who is looking at those tapes," she said. "That info could be released to the wrong people - that's why we need tighter procedures and policies."

Elliott expressed concern that the two-sentence ordinance gives broad authority to the city without laying out parameters about how the city will determine whether a development should have cameras.
Melissa Ngo, senior counsel of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, also questioned an ordinance that lacked guidelines on determining where cameras would be required.

"How are they going to decide?" said Ngo, whose Washington-based organization studies civil liberty and privacy issues. "If this is going to be low-income development, are they going to watch over the poor people? If this is going to be fancy condos, are they going to decide that they don't need to look over those people?"

Is Obama Trying To Be The Anti-Christ?

From Drudge Report front page:



Feds Finally Sue Over Illegal Amnesty Programs

From Fox News website:

They’re taking the scofflaws to court. This time, it’s not just a meat-packing plant or a construction contractor, or some small business hiring illegal aliens. This time, it’s the whole blooming state of Illinois, which has one of the worst records of looking the other way when illegals take jobs.

Taking the amnesty approach to a new low, Illinois passed a law banning employers from participating in the Basic Pilot Program (aka E-Verify), the successful federal system used to track down phony Social Security numbers and thus detect illegal workers.

Other states, such as Arizona, are mandating that employers use this system. Going the other way is Illinois, the so-called “Land of Lincoln” that henceforth shall be called the “Land of Winkin’” — winking at illegal workers, that is.

In announcing the lawsuit, Chertoff said, “Well, it's very simple. When Congress passes a law, everybody has to abide by it, and that includes the states. And the states don't get a veto over which federal laws they want to have obeyed or not obeyed. In this case, the state's actually gone so far as to prevent people from obeying the law or taking advantage of an opportunity Congress has provided to check your workers. And we just can't allow that to continue.”

Will his department now also sue the states that have granted in-state tuition to illegal immigrant college students, in direct violation of federal law?

And will DHS now sue the cities that thumb their noses at the law with what they call sanctuary policies and the rest of us call amnesty? The Congressional Research Service identified 32 such communities in 2006; others list a larger number. Big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Houston and Seattle top the list.

Would lawsuits against these amnesty policies be successful? They should be, because Congress in 1996 passed a law requiring states and communities to cooperate with immigration enforcement — a law the courts have already upheld.

The left is urging civil disobedience on immigration. Conservatives should urge civil obedience. That requires protecting and defending all patriotic public employees who will report immigration violations, even if their higher-ups object.

We cannot sit back and watch the endless waves of amnesty proposals being presented in Congress. Communities are taking a pro-active approach to outflank Washington. The Department of Homeland Security should be praised for challenging Illinois’ counter-move. They should be even more pro-active, and so should the rest of us.

Ernest Istook

YEAH!!!! Go Istook. A former representative from my home state. He, along with Inhofe and Coburn are the top contenders for the Conservative party. They uphold the ideals of law and obedience as well as faithfulness to our country and military.

Minnesota's National Guardsmen Getting Benefit Review

From LGF:

Members of the Minnesota congressional delegation have been working with the Minnesota National Guard to correct what they consider an inequity.

The state’s U.S. senators, Norm Coleman and Amy Klobuchar, announced Monday they had received word from Army Secretary Pete Geren that he was attempting to fix the problem.

“Many of these soldiers have put their education on hold in order to serve our nation, and awarding these benefits is the least we can do for them when they return,” Coleman said.

Geren told the senators he was recommending that the Army Board of Corrections, which has the authority to award the benefits, expedite the review process so the soldiers could get their benefits in time to enroll for spring semester. Usually, each soldier would each have to file a personal appeal, but Geren requested the Army review them as one group.

Jails Going Sha'aria For Muslim Convicts

From BND:

It would seem that our nation's jails are succumbing to the onslaught of Muslim tyranny. Even Muslim convicts are demanding special rights including special meals while incarcerated. One inmate in Missouri is suing his jail for.. get this... bullying him into eating pork. No, not pork chops or bacon. Jelly!! Jelly from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Muslim inmate is suing a southwest Missouri jail, claiming the facility’s administrators violated his religious rights by feeding him sandwiches with a pork product concealed in them.

Odell M. Edwards, who as a Muslim is not allowed to eat pork, filed his lawsuit against the Greene County Justice Center this past week in U.S. District Court in Springfield. Jail officials maintain that the jelly is made with fruit pectin extracted from plants. Pectin is a natural substance that thickens jams and jellies.

The sandwiches in question were served to Edwards and other Muslim inmates during the holy month of Ramadan. Jail Director C.E. Wells said officials consulted with a Muslim spiritual adviser when planning the Ramadan menu, and the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were preapproved.

So, why is this piece of scum suing over jelly? He thinks that his jelly is made from pork? eh?
But Edwards said the jelly in the sandwiches contained gelatin, which is often extracted from pig tissue. He appears to be seeking $250,000 per day for the period in which he was served the jelly.
It would seem that he has this opinion because his jailers made some jokes to him that he had been eating pork despite his knowledge. Pretty good joke I would say.
Edwards, a federal prisoner, is awaiting trial in Springfield on drug charges. He’s been an inmate since April 2006. Edwards said in a court filing that jail guards told him on Sept. 12 that his meals contained pork and had for some time. Edwards filed a request for remedy with the jail, asking to see the jelly ingredients and demanding a cultured cook or a dietitian that handled Muslim and pork-free foods. “I would also like to be compensated for the foul act!” he wrote.
I would like to be compensated everytime McD's or some other restaurant gets my order wrong too. I think that every time my food has cheese on it when I ask for cheese-free that I should sue and get compensated for the foul act.

So, what is up with this guy? What is his real problem? It would seem that because he can't eat regular food, he can only eat the PB&Js and all that peanut butter is causing him to have an upset tummy. Now he is really gonna sue.
Wells sent a written response to Edwards telling the inmate that the jelly contained fruit pectin and not gelatin. Wells said Edwards didn’t just have a problem with the jelly. In his court filing, the inmate also complained that an overabundance of peanut butter in his diet had led to stomach pain and constipation, Wells said.

“It’s sad that your only answer to this problem is an unhealthy amount of peanut butter or don’t participate in Ramadan,” Edwards wrote. “Again it is my duty and right to share in Ramadan but not to be tricked and bullied by an unhealthy diet!”

Wells said Edwards knew what the special meals for Ramadan would include when he signed up for them.

He fully knew what he was getting when he signed up for the special meals. I demand special meals when I go to McD's.
Ramadan is from Sept. 13 to Oct. 13. During that time, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset each day. They break their fast each evening with a celebratory evening meal.
WHAT?!?!? These guys get a special evening meal just for them cause they refuse to eat during the day? He is suing because he is forced to eat non-pork products during a timeframe where most cooks are not working and expecting that the feds will now hire special cooks and dieticians just for him during the evening time!!
OH Hell No.

but then... the feds probably will do just that.

AFP Announces Judgement on Blackhawk - KILLERS

AFP has announced and judged that the private security firm, Blackhawk, are bloodthirsty killers who are trigger happy goons bent on total murder and mayhem of the innocent Iraqi people...
WASHINGTON (AFP) - Aided by radio and video links, a little known enforcement arm of the US State Department is to stalk the guards of American private security firm Blackwater in Baghdad after their trigger happy ways anger Iraqis.

Agents from the diplomatic security bureau, whose current duties range from protecting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to running a reward program to catch terror mastermind Osama bin laden, are being sent to Baghdad to rein in Blackwater's armed guards, officials said.

Rice ordered the move Friday following a probe into a September 16 incident in which staff of Blackwater, tasked with guarding US diplomats and dignitaries in Baghdad, went on a shooting spree in the Iraqi capital, killing at least 10 innocent Iraqis.

The slaughter angered Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who wants all the 850-odd Blackwater staff out of the country, and infuriated US lawmakers concerned over the lack of oversight of the top US private military contractor.
Nothing like unabashed, unbiased, and quick-to-judge reporting? huh?

So, who are the people who have hired these murderous, inhuman and immoral thugs? The very government that is tasked with security of diplomats and members of the president's cabinet.
In the United States, it is in charge of protecting the Secretary of State, the US ambassador to the United Nations and foreign dignitaries below the head-of-state level who visit the United States.

It also assists US-based foreign embassies and consulates with security for their missions and personnel.

Overseas, the bureau protects personnel in US diplomatic missions, being the most widely represented US law enforcement group globally.
Recall, they thought several other "massacres" of so-called civilians were done by trigger happy soldiers as well. Those charges were later found to be fraudulent. One, anyone with a gun in a battle is not an innocent civilian. Two, you can't win a war if you tell your soldiers to NOT fire first.

Steal a Donut - Get 30 Years In Jail

From St. Louis:
FARMINGTON, MO. — Shoplifters at Country Mart tend to favor cold medicines and packaged meats. They used to steal cigarettes, too, until tobacco was moved behind the counter. But the doughnuts were never a target for thieves.

Country Mart's doughnuts — fried fresh daily in the store — sell for just 52 cents each. That is why the "shoplifters will be prosecuted" signs are displayed in aisle 4 with the pricey pain and allergy pills, and not in aisle 5 beside the glass doughnut case with its tiger tails, jelly-filleds and eclairs.

Then one man's sweet tooth got the better of him. He stole a doughnut. A single doughnut.

Authorities called it strong-arm robbery. The "doughnut man," as the suspect is now known, faces five to 15 years in prison for his crime. And Farmington, a town of 14,000 people about 70 miles south of St. Louis, has been buzzing about it ever since.

"That someone would take just a single doughnut, not something very expensive or extravagant, that's unique," supermarket assistant manager Gary Komar said, smiling.

Scott A. Masters, 41, is accused of shoplifting the pastry and pushing a store worker who tried to stop him. The worker was unhurt. But with that shove, his shoplifting turned into a strong-arm robbery. Masters, who appeared in court Friday, is stunned. The prosecutor shows no signs of backing down. In fact, because Masters has a prior record, he could get a sentence of 30 years to life.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Reason For Troops' Denial Of Benefits?

Found this online :

It seems that those soldiers that have served the longest term thus far in Iraq, who recently returned home only to hear that they were denied benefits due to a red tape sucker punch were actually the ones that posed in this photo during one of Sen Kerry's most greatest and amazing remarks. Basically he stated that only dumb, illiterate and poor people join the military because they have no other choice. They were too stupid to know any better, basically.

Here is the photo from the squad that just might have sealed their fate:

Now Betraying Our Soldiers?!?!

It would seem that the pentagon in an attempt to save money has shortchanged our soldiers. A unit from Minnesota National Guard, returning home from THE LONGEST deployment of any unit, have now found out that they are being denied certain benefits that should be due them.
When they came home from Iraq, 2,600 members of the Minnesota National Guard had been deployed longer than any other ground combat unit. The tour lasted 22 months and had been extended as part of President Bush's surge.

1st Lt. Jon Anderson said he never expected to come home to this: A government refusing to pay education benefits he says he should have earned under the GI bill.

Because of a friendly-fire sneak-attack, our fighting men and women are being screwed at home.
Anderson's orders, and the orders of 1,161 other Minnesota guard members, were written for 729 days. Had they been written for 730 days, just one day more, the soldiers would receive those benefits to pay for school.

"Which would be allowing the soldiers an extra $500 to $800 a month," Anderson said.

That money would help him pay for his master's degree in public administration. It would help Anderson's fellow platoon leader, John Hobot, pay for a degree in law enforcement. "I would assume, and I would hope, that when I get back from a deployment of 22 months, my senior leadership in Washington, the leadership that extended us in the first place, would take care of us once we got home," Hobot said.
How do the soldiers feel about it? Devastated to be sure...
Both Hobot and Anderson believe the Pentagon deliberately wrote orders for 729 days instead of 730. Now, six of Minnesota's members of the House of Representatives have asked the Secretary of the Army to look into it -- So have Senators Amy Klobuchar and Norm Coleman.

Klobuchar said the GI money "shouldn't be tied up in red tape," and Coleman said it's "simply irresponsible to deny education benefits to those soldiers who just completed the longest tour of duty of any unit in Iraq."

Anderson said the soldiers he oversaw in his platoon expected that money to be here when they come home. "I had 23 guys under my command," Anderson said. "I promised to take care of them. And I'm not going to end taking care of them when this deployment is over, and it's not over until this is solved."

Senators Klobuchar and Coleman released a joint statement saying the Army secretary, Pete Geren, is looking into this personally, and they say Geren asked a review board to expedite its review so the matter could be solved by next semester.

Minnesota National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Kevin Olson said the soldiers are "victims of a significant injustice."
So, what did the Army have to say about this travesty of justice? This slap in the face? This betrayal of our fighting forces? This backhanded way of screwing our military?
The Army did not respond questions Tuesday afternoon.
Our country should be doing everything it can for our military members. It is a disgrace that our veterans are receiving the worst care in the nation. Many have to wait 6-12 months to see a doctor. We need to double the size of the Veterans Administration in order to provide proper, adequate, and DUE CARE that is due to our soldiers for putting their lives on the line for us who would not or could not fight.

This is a betrayal of our soldiers to use red tape to deny earned benefits.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


From a local news station in Reno Nevada,

The video shows a man retrieving an American flag after it was learned that the owner of the bar where it was flying had flown a Mexican flag ABOVE the USA flag. The man grabbed his Army knife and cut both flags down and retrieved the flag from them and took it away. It appeared that his intention was to "rescue" the flag from the owners.

But, what is even more interesting of a story is the final story of the video.

That story talked about how ICE agents were conducting raids of local Reno establishments. They were doing raids of McD's restaurants and were able to capture over 50 illegals. While this email is not about how a global company is stooping to hiring illegals and exploiting them and flaunting the laws of this land, it does speak to what the illegals did next.

The illegals, in protest to the recent ICE deportations, have decided to hold a 3 day boycott from work.

I say, Go Get Em. Heck, why not make it 30 days. While you are at it why not go on a vacation. I hear Mexico or Central and South America are nice this time of year. Maybe then when you decide to come back, you can do it the legal way. Hmm?