Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Pro-Taliban PR from our MSM

From al-Reuters pro-taliban public relatins wing:
"Afghanistan (Reuters) - Osama bin Laden, if he's alive, celebrates his 50th birthday on Saturday, and his friends in the Taliban prayed for his long life."
Only in our media would this pro-taliban praise get printed.

What? What you say? You say that they are just printing facts that he is 50? Oh, Really?? Ok, then how about this?
“He is alive. I am 100 percent sure,” Taliban spokesman Mullah Hayatullah Khan told Reuters, adding that senior leaders were in touch with bin Laden, reinforcing a widely held view that he is hiding near the rugged Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Khan said special prayers were offered by Taliban fighters in camps in Afghanistan to mark bin Laden’s birth on March 10, 1957, in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah.

“We prayed that Allah may give him 200 years to live,” Khan said,“ by satellite telephone from an undisclosed location. "
Once again, our media prove that they are nothing but the PR arm of our enemies. So, al-Reuters calls up the taliban, cause they have them on speed dial, and asked our enemies during a time of global war what they thought of their king's turning 50. I imagine that they even asked them where they were holding their party and what they had planned for special events. They probably even asked our those who wish us and all democracy-lovers death if they could do a photo spread of the gig.
"Dead or alive, bin Laden is revered by some as the symbolic leader of a global jihad, or holy war, against the United States, following the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington that killed more than 3,000 people.

"He is the man who raised voices against excesses being committed on Muslims all over the world," the Taliban spokesman said."

Need any more evidence? And. Who is to say that these words ARE those of the taliban during a phone call. It could be that this was their own feelings placed into a mock-interview.

Friday, March 9, 2007

2nd update to reported defected Iranian minister

Elder at Elder of Ziyon has a unique take on this whole mess.

"Eight of the CIA's top regional specialists, including the CIA's Near East director Robert Ames, were among those who died, something that explains America's continued reluctance to downgrade its listing of Hizbollah as anything but a terrorist group."

"You see, in the Telegraph's universe, attacking Israel with thousands of rockets and training and supporting Palestinian Arabs to kill Jewish women and children are not terror attacks and not indicative of Hezbollah being a terror organization. Killing hundreds of Marines and others with truck bombs is also A-OK and should not affect how much the world respects Hezbollah. Only because the US is still sensitive over the largest loss of life in a single attack before 9/11 does the US refuse to do the intellectual and enlightened move of treating Hezbollah as a respected political party."
I like Elder's unique point of view. He saw a little deeper into the story than I did. For me, it was just the surface that was complete hogwash. Elder showed that there was more just under its anti-Israel skin.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Update for What Secrets???

It seems all were not as rosy as the Washington Post made out. Or is it? It has really become hard to trust the MSM lately.

From FoxNews:
"TEHRAN, Iran — A former Iranian deputy defense minister who disappeared from Turkey last month is not cooperating with Western intelligence agencies and his whereabouts remain a mystery, a U.S. official told FOX News Thursday.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that Ali Rez Asgari, who is credited with founding the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, was fully cooperating with and divulging information to U.S. and other intelligence services.

However, a senior U.S. official flatly denied the report."
Hmmm. So, a "US" official from TEHRAN said that this defense minister is not cooperating. In fact, the "US" does not even know where he is. So, if the "US" does not know where he is then they can't be cooperating. HOWEVER....

"The official did not rule out the possibility that Asgari, who once commanded Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards and served as the country's deputy defense minister, was conducting negotiations with an intelligence organization, but denied that there was any type of cooperation with the U.S."
So, he is in "negotiations" with an intelligence organization (bet you it is Turkey or USA) but even that does not mean he is "cooperating" with anyone. Pschaw!!

You doubt me of course. Well, then how about this then...

"Iran has publicly said that Asgari was probably kidnapped by agents working for Western intelligence agencies."
Hmmm, well if he was kidnapped then we WOULD know where he was, wouldn't we?!!?!?

Confused yet? No? Ok, prepare to be more confused....

"But the Post quoted an Iranian official who spoke on the condition of anonymity as saying that Asgari was most likely offered money by Israel to leave Iran. The Post also quoted a U.S. official who suggested that Asgari's disappearance was voluntary and that it was orchestrated by the Israelis.

The London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Wednesday that Asgari was seeking asylum in the United States.

The retired general never arrived at a hotel in Istanbul last month where he was expected and Iran has asked Interpol for help in his disappearance."
So, if it he isn't lost, then he is in USA's hands. If he isn't in USA's hands, then he is in Israeli's, cause as everyone knows, they are the little satan of the world. So, Israel offered money to a high level operative of the Iranian defense ministry and he supposedly took it. Right!! Well, if that excuse didn't work, then his leaving was "orchestrated" by the Israelis. Cause their hands are in to everything; even the inner workings of the Iranian defense ministry. Then if you don't believe that, then as he was seeking asylum IN America, through the cooperation of Israel, he was supposed to be in Istanbul, Turkey. And we all know how much Turkey loves Israel. NOT.

Somehow, I don't think Turkey will stoop to cooperate with Israel no matter how much they want to stop Iran from getting the bomb. So, we have multiple articles with details that constantly conflict with one another and even offer up completely hypothetical nonsensical theories. But yet, we are to take the MSM as fact.

And funniest of all. We are to believe that this US official was in Tehran making these comments. Hint. As soon as you see the news header state that it is from Tehran, ignore it completely.

Secrets, What Secrets !!!

From a post on LGF:

"The Washington Post has some terrific news; the Iranian former defense minister who went missing in Turkey is currently spilling the beans to the United States:"
Ok, let's get this straight. We have a high level defense minister who defected to the United States and is spilling his "beans" and then we have a major newspaper telling the world about it.

Something is wrong here and it isn't the beans.

What would have happened to WW2 if newspapers in the USA announced to the world that we had captured German decoder boxes and high level soldiers. The US military ordered a massive clampdown on the media during those times in order to protect this country and to protect those secrets. If the German command found out that we had these men and devices the war could have turned out differently.

Why in the heaven's gate would we allow the news media nowadays to splatter national secrets all over the world without repercussions. These reporters and the media they work for, and the source of the leaks, need to be held accountable for disclosing national secrets. They need to be tried for treason. We are at war right now despite the socialist's current viewpoint that we are not.

But, I digress (hence dream), like this would ever occur. When Scooter Libby can be found guilty of gossiping and face jail time while Pres. Clinton's former security advisor can steal national court documents, hide them, shred them and even copy them and only face community service. In a world this topsy-turvy, true justice and patriotism are non-existent.