Saturday, March 29, 2008

Obama The Rock Star

You know, there is something vile about a person who is running for president of the United States acting like a rock star. Should a president hopeful really be selling his signature for votes?

I know that Presidents need people to like them and to want to vote for them, but to actively create a campaign built around acting like a rock star and the coming messiah?? That is blasphemous in the religious and secular sense.

But then, there is his wife who is taking most of the glory unto herself. I think somebody is getting a big head.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Can MSM Watchdogs Even Suffer From Errors?

The DrudgeReport currently has a link that would be suggestive of torture and slavery....
"Circus forces girl to swim with piranhas..."
Here is a screen cap of the news linkage.

But, if you click on the link or go to website and follow the same story, this supposed "girl" is actually 19 years old.

But, they cited that this woman was forced to swim with pirahnas, but ignore the other part of the story where the real girl, the 19-year old's younger sister who was 16 years old, was forced to play in a pit of snakes and tarantulas. In fact, the girl's whole family was forced to work there. Yeah, they were paid, but they were beaten when they tried to leave.
" Police said they were investigating "trafficking in humans" by organised crime to supply circuses with cheap labour. The Bulgarian women's mother worked as a cook at the site, while their father moved tents and equipment and cleaned the camper vans and lorries. The mother had once tried to run away but had been captured and beaten, police said."
Seems to me that a more factual title for this story would be, "Bulgarian family with minor child forced into slavery by Italian Circus". I had thought seeing this story title on Drudge that it was a local (USA) circus as there was no particulars associated with the word circus.

I have a question, even though Fox News has a little symbol at the top of their story showing Times Online, couldn't this be considered plagiarism? As they have no direct link to the original Times Online article. The symbol is the only thing that might "hint" that the story is not of Fox News. Fox News did not even bother to post the name of the author or the location of the article.

But yet, create a link to a photo and criticize it and it will draw massive protests from MSM for copyright infringement.

Friday, March 21, 2008

2008 Presidential Election Nightmare

From messages sent to a friend of mine:

me: wow.. lets see.
me: obama wants to tax us to eliminate global poverty
me: clinton wants to tax corporations profits more to spread the growth of govt
me: as well as roll back all tax cuts
me: obama is a believer is Black Freedom Movement which is based on Marxism.
me: Clinton is a true socialists.
me: MccAin is a liberal republican who likes to suppress freedom of speech and open borders
me: so, we have a marxist, socialist and a liberal to vote on
Friend: not a very promising field is it

Sunday, March 16, 2008

No, no Nazi's here.

Me thinks that this architect will face substantial fines and loss of esteem. You think he will ever find work ever again?

Check out his latest building design...

"This aerial photograph taken Wednesday, March 12, 2008, shows the Wesley Acres retirement home in Decatur, Ala. Prompted by complaints from a Jewish activist, the agency that owns the government-funded building is planning to alter its shape to disguise the Nazi symbol."

Ya Think?!?!?

Another Photo Tom-Foolery?

Look at this AP photo which is 1 of 3 I will show you that is only a part of the 404 photos in their album.
Looks like a boy playing in the ruins of a recent air strike by Israel against Hamas targets, right? That is just what the descriptions tells us. The image is very suggestive of the destructive nature of Israel against Gaza's children in "refugee" camps.

*Update: Brian from suggests that the AP's use of the descriptor is merely generic in nature. However, if you peruse the other photos within this album, you will noticed that Israel's Olmert is also pictured
with descriptions about him calling for a cease-fire after bombing Gaza. And if you recall, Israel did launch and pull attacks on the weekend of March 8th, 2008.

OK, now look at this second photo.
Description pretty much says the same thing as the image prior. Can't really find anything wrong there.

Now, study this third photo as it is a more broad view of the first two photos.
Note the description. It is the same description describing this was the result of a RECENT air strike against Hamas on March 10. I am posting this on March 16.

Somehow I do not think dirt could have piled up like that in the matter of days since the air attack as I view these images on March 16. And I doubt that so much grass, along with the kid's trails, would have sprouted up in 6 days. Especially since the photo was supposedly taken on March 10, the same day that the attacks occurred? Would you really expect that many kids to be playing on a JUST BOMBED-OUT building? Also note the serious lack of concrete debris around this building.

And yes, I am critiquing the photos.

Is the AP once again trying to take sides and sell us a load of bull???

Now, if you want to see what a blown up building looks like from aerial bombings just look at this one
and then you can look at this one

and this one as well.
This is what a building looks like after it has been hit by Israeli bombs.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

McCain Goes Global In Search of Influence

McCain set for six-day world trip...


oh lord no..... when our presidents start actively engaging in global campaigns to raise their monies... this nation is going into the toilet. Shouldn't there be campaign finance laws against this?