Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For All You Geeks Out There...

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can you recognize the theme?? Yep, it's MARIO BROS. theme song....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Reason For Conservative Judges

From FoxNews.com comes this little gem of a news story.
NEW YORK — About two weeks after he was released from prison, Freddie Johnson boarded a crowded subway train during morning rush hour in Manhattan, squeezed in behind a woman and ground his pelvis into her backside, authorities said.

Johnson has been arrested a staggering 53 times — the majority for groping women on the subway, police and prosecutors said.
Arrested 53 TIMES?!!?!?
But the fact that Johnson was roaming the subways in the first place has raised questions about how the state deals with the problem of repeat sex offenders. His case even drew the scorn of a newspaper editorial this week that labeled Johnson the "Subway Rat."
Duh, you think?
Johnson, a registered sex offender, has been convicted at least twice of persistent sexual abuse within the last decade, prosecutors said. And he has a lengthy rap sheet, with 30 arrests for sex abuse, 13 for jostling and two for grand larceny, police said. He was released from prison on March 25 after serving four years for persistent sexual abuse,...
So, this will now be the third time he has been arrested for "persistent sexual abuse"??? How about calling this man a danger to himself and society?!?! LOCK THIS PERV UP FOREVER!

But, you say, well the justice system will protect us. You say that, but then you would be STUPID.
The state attorney general's office had argued that the 49-year-old should be confined under the state's civil commitment law for sex offenders, which went into effect last year, because he was at risk for repeat offenses. But a Manhattan Supreme Court Judge disagreed and instead placed Johnson on strict court-ordered supervision and electronic monitoring.
So, how'd that work out for ya then? Huh?

V for Victory

Isn't it odd that even the most villainous of people still think it is "cool" to flash the V for victory\peace sign? Do we really think they want peace when it is the terrorists\bad guys flashing the sign?

The Right To Protest?

Ok, a touchy subject for this post. What are the limits on free speech and the right to protest? Does it include standing out in front of an organization you have a complaint against? Does it include entering said organization and protesting during their board meetings?

What if that organization is the federal government? Is it still right or wrong to fully protest during congressional hearings? This is the kind of protest I am talking about here.

Should the congressional police have prevented these kind of protests from entering the halls of justice? They are turning the hallowed halls into a 3-ring circus of idiocy. I see no reason to allow people dressed and prepared like this entry into congressional hearings. They should be allowed free and unfettered access to protest outside on the steps of congress, but not in the same room where the hearings are being conducted.

Why allow them entry and then turn around and escort them out. That is exactly what they want. The police are just giving credence to their complaint that they are being silenced or mistreated. Why let them inside in the first place????

We Demand to With Drwal

So, we have heard of people getting paid to protest (Rage Boy!), but this has got to take the cake. I would seem that some paid protesters from Palestine are wanting our soldiers to With Drwal from Iraq.

Why you may ask? Just look at the sign. And this one as well (hint: look bottom right of banners). It would seem that these paid protesters (with family) are part of Organized Labor Unions. I wonder how well they would have protested with Saddam still in power? You think that they could have told Saddam to get out of town like this??

Don't think so.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Librarian Fired For Turning In Child-Porn Viewer

Again from OneNewsNow comes a story of a librarian who was fired for calling police on a man who was repeatedly caught viewing child-porn on public library computers.
A librarian assistant at the Lindsay Library, Biesterfeld was on the job late last month when she noticed 39-year-old Donny Chrisler downloading child porn on library computers. Biesterfeld told her supervisor Judi Hill, who instructed her to issue Chrisler a warning. Instead, Biesterfeld called police the next day. A few days later, Chrisler returned and Biesterfeld noticed he was once again viewing child porn. She notified police, who came and arrested Chrisler on the spot.

According to a press release, the police also confiscated the library's computer that had used by Chrisler. Supervisor Hill confronted police, accusing them of interfering where they did not belong and assuring them that county librarians were handling the matter internally. After police explained that, since federal law had been violated, it was now a legal matter in their hands, Hill demanded to know who reported the incident. The police protected Biesterfeld's identity. However, she was fired two days later.
A search warrant turned up thousands of images of child pornography on (Donny) Chrisler's home computer. He is currently behind bars, awaiting trial.
An organization called Family Friendly Libraries has presented the single mother with the Gold Star Award, commending her "for courageously acting on her conscience" to protect children from exposure to and exploitation by child pornography. Biesterfeld was also honored during a regular meeting of the Lindsay City Council.

Crampton says the former librarian has been lauded by many groups. "Even the American Library Association concedes that, under those circumstances, it is appropriate to contact the police. So the county's kind of dancing ... between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand [they are] saying it was not wrong ... for Brenda to contact the police; and on the other that they somehow had grounds to terminate her and claim some sort of unspecified violations of policy," Crampton contends.
This is the very reason to have moral socially conscious conservative christian people at all levels of the government.

Why Supreme Court Justices Are Important

From OneNewsNow site comes a story, an old story but one that bears repeating, about a christian who was almost silenced of his right to free speech.
Four years ago, then sophomore Chase Harper wore a T-shirt to school expressing a biblical view on homosexuality during the school's "Day of Silence" -- a day set aside to bring awareness to alleged homosexual-rights violations.

A school official told Harper to remove the shirt. Harper refused and was then subjected to counseling and interrogated by a deputy sheriff. The Ninth Circuit initially ruled the school was justified in censoring Harper, but the U.S. Supreme Court vacated the decision.
Once again, we see a real reason to get those lunatics out of the Ninth Circuit. They are vehemently opposed to free speech and to individual rights especially when it comes to christians and Boy Scouts.

Make sure you elect moral, responsible and conservative christian people to high offices. Or else you may be next.