Sunday, February 11, 2007

AMERICA Is Not Inclusive Just By Its Name

Post from May 25, 2006 - number 5:

OK, for those of you who don't know, are ignorant or are blinded, our nation's educational system has become a seething laboratory of liberal idealogs. They are using our nation's public schools as a means of indoctinating our children into their leftist, socialist tree-hugging anti-american ideologies.

Well, they are.

Here is another fine example.
From Detroit News

This loony feels that by highlighting America's greatness within our Hemisphere is racist. Is denoting that saying the word "American" means that we as members of the country known as USA are claiming ownership of the entire hemisphere. And, this person is in charge of teaching our nation's kids.

We were America before any other country on the North and South American Continent was established. The continent is named after our country after all. Everyone else in the world knows that when someone says the word "American" they know that that person is referring to someone from the United States of America. For, they are American as someone from Germany is German and someone else from Germany can be called European because they are now within the United States of Europe. Every normal thinking person would understand that that person would be from the country of Europe and not from China or Russia or India as these are not part of the EU.

This article gets it correct. This is nothing short of anti-Americanism. It is racist towards Americans. To push a curriculum that states that people, who are here in America, are going to be offended by learning about America should be a fireable offense.

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