Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ARMING Our Enemies

From EUReferendum:


How many ways can we stab ourselves in the back???

An old story re-emerges in The Telegraph today – but with an added twist. The original story, broached in December 2005 by the BBC, amongst others (with the Telegraph following in January) was that the Austrian government had authorised the sale of 800 Steyr Mannlicher HS50 rifles to the Iranian government, supposedly for use by the National Iranian Police Organisation, which claimed they were for anti-drug smuggling operations. It now appears that, less than two months after deliveries began to Iran, an Iraqi insurgent shot dead an American officer in an armoured vehicle, using the weapon.

And an even more scarier part of Charles' post is this bit...
But, the man from the BBC added, it could also be that the US is softening up world opinion for an attack on Iran. Such an attack would be aimed at Iran's nuclear facilities. At the moment, Reynolds observed, the US lacks a casus belli and by claiming that Iran is responsible for killing USA troops, it could be laying the groundwork for a "self-defence" justification.

In the murky world of Middle East politics, any of this could be true, and more. It rarely pays to take things at face value. But one thing is evident. The US was perfectly right to protest at the sale of the rifles to Iran and to impose sanctions on Austria in December year last.

And how typical it was of those wonderful, peace-loving "Europeans" at the time to complain that the US action "could hinder diplomatic efforts by the EU to end the standoff over Iran's nuclear programme."
So, while we been telling the world up and down how bad Iran is, one of best Allies was selling them weapons behind our back. And when we complained, the world said that we should not because it might strain international relations with Iran.

And now that those same weapons are being found in Iraq on Iranians after having shot our coalition soldiers. What is the word from the world? "Sssshhhhh. Don't stir the pot! Don't make waves. And quit bringing up useless old news!"

When are we as a free peoples going to learn that we should not give weapons to our most dangerous enemies.

BTW... wait till you hear what we are giving North Korea.

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