Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Post From Nov 13, 2006:

From the blog Diggers Realm:
"Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano says that no matter what the residents of her state say, she's going to continue on her view of allowing illegal immigration to continue. Residents of Arizona voted on four propositions related to illegal immigration on November 7th and passed all four overwhelmingly by more than 70%.

Included in the Propositions were two that she vetoed in 2005, including Proposition 300 - Denying Illegal Aliens In-State Tuition, Taxpayer Funded Adult Education, Child Care - and Proposition 103 - declaring English the official language of Arizona. The other two Propositions that passed were Proposition 100- Denying bail to criminal illegal aliens and Proposition 102 - denying civil lawsuits for illegal aliens.

The Arizona people spoke and Governor Napolitano apparently doesn't care what they think, because "she's right"."
Napolitano, however, said she does not consider any of the votes a rejection of her policies. "They expressed their opinion," she said. "And I disagree."

Napolitano said voters "are going to disagree with me from time to

But Napolitano, who has argued for only a limited role for the state in dealing with border crossers, said the votes will not change how she deals with the issue in the next four years."

What an arrogant and egotistical person!!! How can an elected official completely disregard her voters and the law. These were voted on by the voters and are meant to be enacted by the executive branch. If she fails to uphold the duties of her office, then she needs to be impeached.

This just goes to show you how the Democrats view voter's rights and wishes!!

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