Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bush Turning His Back On Israel

Third Post From January 30, 2007:

$86 Million to Suicide Bombing Terrorists

Presented without comment: Bush unveils security aid for Palestinian ally.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President George W. Bush has ordered the transfer of about 86 million dollars in aid to strengthen security forces loyal to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, the White House said.

Confirmation of the US aid came a day after an Islamic militant carried out the first suicide bombing inside Israel in nine months and as Abbas’ Fatah party is locked in a violent power struggle with the Islamist movement Hamas.
So, despite all of the political rhetoric about fighting terror and terrorism, Pres. Bush has turned his back on America and its security. How can he does this to us? We conservatives thought he was a Republican. Guess he turned out to be a Democrat after all. How can a President of America during a time of war with our men and women dying in foreign lands give millions of dollars to an organization that supports terror and terrorism.

Just another brilliant example of how Bush is turning his back on Israel. I fear for our safety. Whenever a people or nation turns its back on Israel, bad things soon follow.

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