Sunday, February 11, 2007

Haditha Soldiers In Prison

Post from June 07, 2006:

From Michael Savage's Website - A letter from one of the accused Marine's lawyers

And Here

We have over 30 of our Marines (Marines that have volunteered to be Marines and fight and possibly die for our country) that are being accused by Iraqis (and the Media) for killing Iraqi civilians are being held in Camp Pendleton IN SHACKLES without a formal charge.

They are only allowed out of brig for bath, meals, and 1 hour of free-time in an exercise yard. But ANY time they are outside their jail cells these MARINES!!! are shackled. So, even when in exercise yard, all they can do is walk around like a perp doing the perp-walk due to the ankle chains.

This is outrageous !!! Our volunteer servicemen are being treated worse than the Terrorists in Cuba right now!!!! Where's the outcry!!! Where is the honorable Sen. Murtha in his admonition to the administration that these prisoners are being mistreated?!?!? Where is the media outcry that this is not right that our honorable servicemen are being held in SHACKLES without being charged!?!?!?

And where IS our administration?? Nowhere. Our administration has so far refused to stand up for these men. They have refused to say "Innocent until proven guilty". They only say, "Well, if they are guilty then they will get punished".

What kind of patriotism is that?!?!?

And, to add insult to this... the families of those Iraqis killed in Haditha are refusing to allow Marine Investigators to exhume the bodies in order to determine how they were killed. Sounds fishy to me. And, if there is no evidence except words of terrorist sympathizers, then our MARINES should be released. NOW.

The whole neighborhood knew about this bomb and knew that it was going to explode under an armored transport. Well, if a 12 year old school girl knew it.... how much effort does it take to think the adults in the area knew about it.

And HOW MANY TIMES have our investigations turned up that it was the people in the town, the terrorists, who were the ones who SHOT the people and then blamed our soldiers for it.!??!?!?!

HOW MANY TIMES have Palestinians used the killing of their own people and the willing media to blame Isreal for murders conducted by the accusers themselves?!?!?

Our world is upside down. Our world is in utter insanity when our soldiers can be imprisoned WITHOUT charges because terrorist sympathizers are accusing them of shootings that the accusers probably did themselves.

We are holding our own soldiers as POWs. The terrorists in CUBA can get their own kind of special meals, can get their own form of a bible, can get special prayer clothes, can pray 5 times a day in special manners, can play soccer...... but yet our OWN SOLDIERS are held in shackles without a single charge!!!!

It is time for a change in our government.

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