Tuesday, February 13, 2007

HAJJ Festival - too grisly for reality

Third Post From January 2, 2007:

From Sweetness & Light: (Kind of graphic photos of animal slaughter)

It was a very bad time to be any animal with 4 legs. Looks like they will kill (SLAUGHTER) anything that had 4 legs and moved too slow.

I know, there is a religious ritual associated with this, but, something feels wrong about it. Usually, these kind of slaughter rituals are associated with a specific kind of animal. The Jewish sacrifice involves a very pure cow-calf. They are slaughtered in a specific method and manner and only done so by specified individuals. Looking at these photos, it looks like they just caught anything they could and slaughtered them where they dropped.

Then of course, this has led to hundreds of Turks being injured and maimed by their sacrificial instruments.

Oh, and by the way, this HAJJ is associated with the kissing and revering of a piece of space rock. They have this piece of meteorite encased in a huge block structure and you are supposed to kiss it and it will absorb your sins. So, would this be the ultimate form of idolatry.... worshipping and seeking salvation from a rock. It's not even in a humanoid form.

And they wonder why they are still a third world country, economy and peoples. They are a barbaric, backwards, demon-loving, and ungodly people. I feel for them. I am sorry for them. To be living in the darkness. To love fear and hate and not know the light and warmth from love and peace.

Some have wondered who will become the Anti-Christ's army when he assumes world power. I think the Muslims are growing into that role. It won't take anything from the new world leader to get the Muslims to rise up and attack the Jews and newly-converted christians. It won't take much of a speech for them to rise up and attack and wage the final bloody war. It will be the war that they have been clambering for, and dreaming of, for years.

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