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How Lunacy Spreads Contagiously With Dems

Post from Nov 11, 2006:

From an article in the New York Times:
(where to start???)
"The newly elected Democratic class of 2006, which is set to descend on the Capitol next week, will hardly be the first freshmen to arrive in Washington promising to make a difference. Many in the class of 2006, especially those who delivered the new Democratic majorities by winning Republican seats, show little appetite for that kind of ideological crusade. But in interviews with nearly half of them this week, the freshmen — 41 in the House and 9 in the Senate, including one independent — conveyed a keen sense of their own moment in history, and a distinct world view.
World view?!?!? Here it goes again, that sense that only other countries opinions count. The need to consult other nations on how to run ours. The need to seek legal rulings from socialized nations on how to rule on cases in our republic. So, they have no appetite for having an ideological opinion? In other words, they don't take a stand on anything? Hmm, based on what they say in the article, they sure take a stand on the side of "tax the rich, socialize the nation".
Now, they say, they have to produce — to deal with long-festering problems like access to affordable health care and the loss of manufacturing jobs, and to find a bipartisan consensus for an exit strategy in Iraq, a source of continuing division not only between but also within the parties.
The long-festering problems are mainly due to spineless congress-persons. And, just because you want "affordable health care" (a euphamism for nationalized health care) does not mean there is stagnation in the Congress. It is because we don't want it. If Rep. Bernie Sanders wanted to institute Communism, it would not be stagnation if it would never become reality within our borders. But then, these people did get voted into office even though everyone knows their political leanings. These people ran on socialistic platform. They agressively promoted their desires to turn this nation into a FORMER world power by removing its work-base by the act of killing euntrepeneurship, innovation, capitalism, invention, creativity and self-choice.
Many of them say they must also, somehow, find a way to address the growing anxiety among voters about a global economy that no longer seems to work for them. There is a strong populist tinge to this class.
For example? Please, give an example of how the GLOBAL economy has failed to work for AMERICAN workers? I'm waiting? Please tell me how these senators can affect positive change in Uzbekistan that will cause an increase in the salary of Mr. Smith in America?!?!?
Claire McCaskill, who defeated Senator Jim Talent of Missouri in a fiercely competitive race, said: “I’m not from a blue echo chamber. I’m from a state that’s really like America — it’s divided.”

“The problem with Washington,” Ms. McCaskill added, “is you have so many senators who are from bright blue and bright red states; they’re not interested in common ground. They’re interested in making each other look bad.”
Oh yeah, she ran real clean nice commercials. Tell that to Talent who was lied about on stem cell support!!! LIAR!! And why should there be a common ground on ill-conceived, immoral, anti-christian ideals that your party is trying to push? If a bad guy were to come up to you and threaten to kill himself or you, would you try to find a common ground?? Would you insist that he just wound both of you? Or would you insist that you shoot yourself with your gun and he can shoot with his gun?? There is nothing wrong with holding onto an idea, a belief-system, that you will defend with every fiber of your being. Are you saying that Christians should be willing to find common ground with those who are beheading us?
"Heath Shuler, for example, the former professional football player and newly elected House Democrat from North Carolina, is anti-abortion and pro-gun, but sounds like an old-style Democrat on economic issues.
Thus the reason why he won his seat. He ran on a conservative platform compared to the do-nothing republicans that have been in office. No surprise there.
“I was taught at a very, very young age about faith and personal responsibility, and through that, that responsibility was about helping those who cannot help themselves,” Mr. Shuler said. “If you look at what the Democratic Party stands for, it is about helping others who can’t help themselves.”
Umm.. even if that means they dont want or need your help?? How many people that you claim are without healthcare insurance don't really want it? I went without insurance for 2 years because it was not within my budget or my current plan of living at the time. Why force the few rich of the nation to pay for a government-based health insurance when I was OK with not having any in the first place?
Like other Democrats, he supports legislation to increase the minimum wage and make college tuition tax deductible. He also opposes trade agreements that he says have led to a 78 percent loss in textile industry jobs in his state."
great.... Ummm, college tuition is already partly tax-deductible. And, they want to raise minimum wage, causing the price of goods and services to go up, then turn around and increase the tax deductions???? How do they think of things like this? So, with an ever increasing economy, with more and more good paying jobs around, they want to raise the min. wage for those 2% of people still under min wage!?!?!?
"Carol Shea-Porter, a social worker and new House member from New Hampshire who considers herself a populist, said, “The theme of my campaign was, I’m running for the rest of us.” She added that no matter how much the Bush administration boasted of job growth, her voters “understood those were Wal-Mart jobs.” And, she said, “They understood when they talked about the stock market boom, that half of Americans aren’t even in the stock market.”
.........ummm. Wal-Mart jobs are good jobs if you don't have one, you freakin socialist commy idiot!! And, there wouldn't be jobs out there if the stock market was not as strong as it is, you stupid large anti-american cow!! Without cash flow and investments, businesses can not expand or hire more people, you uneducated moronic loser!! GAWD!!!!! There is no reason that people have to invest in "the stock market" in order to gain the benefits from it. Just as those not in the stock market feel the loss of jobs when stock markets crash. Are you suggesting that the federal government give low-income people a portion of their welfare alotment in the form of stocks? Or, are you saying that a person must invest in a company before they can become gainfully employed??
"That economic populism extends, for many candidates, to a new emphasis on expanding health coverage. Congressional Democrats who lived through the Clinton administration’s failed effort to create a national health insurance plan, which many believe was a crucial factor in the Democrats’ losses in 1994, have been wary of broad health legislation for years. But the class of ’06 is adamant that something major can, and will, be done.

Dave Loebsack, a political science professor in Iowa who unseated the veteran Republican moderate, Representative Jim Leach, said he intended to sign on to proposed legislation to create a single-payer, national health insurance program “as one of the first things I will do when I get to Congress."
A university professor beat out a long standing republican??!?!?!? OH GEESH...

Well, here comes the push again for nationalized health care. A system that has never worked well wherever it has been in place. Where is the incentive to find the best deals? Where is the incentive to invest in the top-rated health care technologies? Where is the incentive for companies to spend billions researching new techniques and medicine? Our country is the site of most of the progress in medicine. Those seeking major medical care come to America. How many times have world leaders come to our country for medical treatment? For as long as the government has sought to control medical care expenses in this country, it has started on its trek toward mediocrity. If the president does not veto this thing, there will be a revolt in this nation that we have not seen since civil war.
"Steven Kagen, an allergist who won a Wisconsin district that has been represented by a Republican for much of the past 30 years, campaigned on a “No Patient Left Behind” plan. “This issue has blurred the lines between the two parties,” Mr. Kagen said. “You don’t have to be a Republican or a Democrat to be ill, and to understand that the health care system doesn’t work.”
So, are you saying that everyone in America is sick because they can't get treatment? And, can you be a bit more specific about what is not working in our health care system? Billing? Transportation? Cleanliness? What is it?? I mean, there are plenty of things to point out here that need improvement. If you can't be more specific about what you are referring to, I can't understand your statement. Maybe you are referring to the fact that trillions of dollars are being spent on the care of illegals who refuse or can't repay. Or, are these the people you want to enroll in the new nationalized health care system??
Mr. Kagen is one of several new House members urging a renewed commitment to the more than eight million uninsured children in the United States, an issue that will move to the forefront when the State Children’s Health Insurance Program comes up for renewal next year. "
Dear gawd......there is a huge push now, more than during clinton years for turning our nation into a true and final socialized nation like Canada and Brittain. And, most normal thinking people know how well those nations take care of the health of their people. There is already a push to make our nation part of a 3-nation UNION. A North American Union. A union that will utterly destroy us internally.
" Most of these new Democrats said they were also committed to changes in the new Medicare prescription drug program; in fact, giving the government the power to negotiate prices with drug companies is one of the first items of business in the Democrats’ “Six for ’06 Agenda.” The agenda also includes an increase in the minimum wage and expansion of embryonic stem cell research.

The new Democrats say they have high hopes of building bipartisan coalitions for these changes in Medicare, for expanding embryonic stem cell research, and for other parts of their agenda. “I’m still scratching my head” over Mr. Bush’s veto of last year’s stem cell bill, said Ed Perlmutter, a former state senator who won a House district in the Denver suburbs."
And you will continue to scratch your head because murdering babies for the sake of research will never happen by the fed govt, you evil snake."

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