Sunday, February 11, 2007

Media Deaths in Iraq?

Post from Jan 30, 2006:

January 30, 2006

“With more than 100 media deaths, hostage-taking on a regular basis and targeting of reporters, Baghdad has become a deathtrap for journalism,” said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary. “No journalist is safe once they take to the streets.”
(from International Federation of Journalists:

Rush Limbaugh has on his website HERE that says that 79 journalists have died in iraq. (I am wondering if the IFJ numbers are including foreign journalists).

Time has come. We need to end this war. This war has taken far too many dedicated journalists' lives. They are only there to do a job. Some of these hard working men and women are even targeted while in Iraq, thus highlighting that it is the US' fault. While the countless numbers of the coalition's forces have been killed and injured, it is only the press' lives that the press is really concerned about. This recent attack on CBS' Robert Woodruff has finally dawned on the Mainstream Media that the War on Terrorism is a real war and that Iraq may not be a pleasure place after all where they can stroll down the roads and do stories on how the American servicemembers are killing and torturing innocent iraq people. It is these people that the press are trying to defend and protect from Americans, that are attacking the press' brothers and sisters.

This has got to stop. For the sake of FREE speech EVERYWHERE, for the sake of FREE speech in the press room, let us end this unjust war now. Since the media fail to see the relevance of war for the support of their own cause, lets end this war now. Since the media and liberals can not take ownership of this war for their own cause, lets end this war now. Since the liberals fail to see how this war is really, really, really, bad, then lets end this war now before any more innocent good-looking anchorpersons have to suffer.

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