Thursday, February 15, 2007

Olmert wants to give up GOLAN to Syria

Well, if you are a strong believer in the "Land for Peace" theory, then you believe that giving any requested land to your enemies will create peace out of hostilities. These people do not live in the normal world of realism.

They fail to understand that giving land to your enemies is what they want in the first place but you just gave it to them without a fight. The enemies are still willing to fight and kill you, but you just saved them from having to die for that land. Now, they have the manpower to resolve to seek more land from you. And what is worse, now those enemies have gotten closer and closer and have taken over key positions looking over your precious cities.

These people, like Olmert, have in effect have surrendered without fighting. They have eagerly, willingly, happily surrendered their countrymen's security, safety and their lives to these enemies of Israel.

Olmert, should he proceed with this ideology, must be tried for treason and removed from office ASAP.

This rant courtesy of All Headline News:

Olmert: Israel Will Have To Surrender Golan For Peace With Syria

Jerusalem (AHN) - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday that Israel will have no choice but to part with the Golan Heights if it ever wants peace with neighboring Syria.

"The whole world knows that in any future negotiations, if they are renewed, we will have to give up on the entire Golan Heights," Ha'aretz quoted Olmert as telling the committee.

The remarks came as part of a heated argument with committee member and opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu.

If this keeps up, Netanyahu will win the next election for sure.

Olmert charged that during his tenure as prime minister, Netanyahu had held negotiations with Syria based on the premise of ceding territory on the strategic plateau. Netanyahu denied that he had ever intended to comply with Syrian territorial demands.

At any rate, Olmert reiterated his opposition to renewing negotiations with Syria at this time, pointing out that Damascus is "interested in the industry of peace, rather than real peace."

What the heck does that even mean??? What is the "industry" of peace versus "real" peace?? And Olmert, by the way, Damascus is not interested in peace with you. They want you eliminated just like the rest of the Arab State. Why give them that which they so utterly desire - the Golan?

And why is the Golan so important and a key ground between Syria and Israel???
Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Six Day War. During the 19 years prior to that conflict, Syria used the plateau to perpetrate constant shelling and sniping attacks on Israelis living in the valleys below, and even tried to divert streams originating on the Golan that provide one-third of Israel's water.

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