Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rise Of Govt Nannies

Post From Nov 22, 2006:

From NY1.com:
"The NYPD has installed a patrol tower in a Harlem neighborhood in an effort to cut crime in the high-risk neighborhood.

The two-story booth tower, called Sky Watch, gives the officer sitting inside a better vantage point from which to monitor the area. Officers in the booth have access to a spotlight, sensors, and four cameras. The tower is portable and can be moved to the areas that need it most.

Police say the Harlem tower was placed there to combat a rise in murders.

Sky Watch has also been tested in Crown Heights in Brooklyn where it reduced crime. Police are hoping to have three more towers soon."
So, now they are going to turn our cities into Gulags?? Search lights and guard posts?!!?
What next?? Station guards in our own homes??!?! The British military tried that on us around 300 years ago and that lead to a war of INDEPENDENCE!!

This has gone on far too long. The powers gained by the police authority have grown far too great. There may be reasons to monitor out-of-country phone calls to terrorists, but to station cameras in public places to monitor everyone around is just anti-constitutional.

Time is coming for a electoral revolt. The election of democrats in 2006 to the Senate and the House was more about kicking out the entranced Republicans than the election of socialist Democrats. This was more of ending corruption and Big Boy political cronyism. Until the elected begin representing the constitution and the American people, they will continue to be replaced. Unfortunately, those that will be replacing them tend to be far worse; being anti-American social-communistic Democrats who are all about controlling your lives and making sure you conform to the limits that they see fit to place on human existence.

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