Thursday, March 8, 2007

Secrets, What Secrets !!!

From a post on LGF:

"The Washington Post has some terrific news; the Iranian former defense minister who went missing in Turkey is currently spilling the beans to the United States:"
Ok, let's get this straight. We have a high level defense minister who defected to the United States and is spilling his "beans" and then we have a major newspaper telling the world about it.

Something is wrong here and it isn't the beans.

What would have happened to WW2 if newspapers in the USA announced to the world that we had captured German decoder boxes and high level soldiers. The US military ordered a massive clampdown on the media during those times in order to protect this country and to protect those secrets. If the German command found out that we had these men and devices the war could have turned out differently.

Why in the heaven's gate would we allow the news media nowadays to splatter national secrets all over the world without repercussions. These reporters and the media they work for, and the source of the leaks, need to be held accountable for disclosing national secrets. They need to be tried for treason. We are at war right now despite the socialist's current viewpoint that we are not.

But, I digress (hence dream), like this would ever occur. When Scooter Libby can be found guilty of gossiping and face jail time while Pres. Clinton's former security advisor can steal national court documents, hide them, shred them and even copy them and only face community service. In a world this topsy-turvy, true justice and patriotism are non-existent.

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