Sunday, July 15, 2007

Israel's Leaders Have Gone INSANE

From Fox News link:
RAMALLAH, West Bank — Scores of Fatah militants in the West Bank have signed a pledge renouncing attacks against Israel in return for an Israeli promise to stop pursuing them, a Palestinian security official said Sunday.

The deal would grant amnesty to 178 Fatah gunmen who will join the official Palestinian security forces, and Israel will remove them from its lists of wanted militants...
Sounds like more of the same liberal crap-trap that has always led to the demise of freedoms and safety. Want proof??? OK...
An official in Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office confirmed the deal would extend to wanted militants who openly renounce terrorism...
"Ok, little muhammed. As long as you promise to be good, then you can come over and play with us. If you promise to be nice, then we will give you more guns and money." The insanity of these liberals across the globe will lead to our deaths at the hands of evil radical muslims. Olmert is, once again, inviting the wolves into his den.
The moderate president set up a Fatah-led government in the West Bank after his rivals from the Islamic group Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in mid-June. Israel and the international community back Abbas in his struggle against Hamas.
"moderate"???? HAHAHAHAHAAA... I think it has been shown time and time again that Fatah is anything but moderate. The only way this guy and the Fatah anti-Israel party can be seen as moderate is when it is compared to HAMAS. Sure, we would want a less evil entity living next to Israel than to have a purely evil entity in the form of Hamas living next to Israel. But the problem is, that many in Fatah and Hamas constantly switch parties. And the security forces within each party are constantly switching from protecting their people to using them as human shields during their shootouts with Israel every other day. None of them can be trusted to work with Israel to keep the peace towards Israel, let alone keep the peace between Palestinians.
And in another gesture of support, Israel agreed to Abbas' request to allow Nayef Hawatmeh, an exiled Palestinian militant leader, to enter the West Bank this week for a meeting of a top Palestine Liberation Organization policy-making body, a step that Abbas hopes will provide him added legitimacy among Palestinians.

Hawatmeh heads the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a small and nearly forgotten PLO faction best known for commandeering a school in the northern Israeli town of Maalot in 1974. The attack left 24 Israelis dead, most of them children...
Need any more proof that Israel is signing its own death warrants? Allowing known child killers and terrorists amnesty to move about freely to meet with another party that seeks Israel's destruction is just asking for more attacks. If you think Abbas is moderate, then why on Earth would you allow a pure evil terrorist to meet with him? Does Israel really believe that Abbas will moderate the Jew-hating radicals? Yes, they do, unfortunately.

And this lunacy will only continue until Israel sees the light and returns to the Lord. As long as Israel believes that it can go it alone in this world, and embrace the world's sins, then Israel will continue to be shunned by GOD. Israel must return to him in prayer and in supplication for forgiveness and protection.

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