Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chertoff: Country will fall without illegals

From Diggers Realm:

You know what Michael Chertoff, I don't really give a crap about your opinion of the economy. You were hired because of your supposed skill at security and management of organizing protecting the United States citizens. Why don't you focus on your damn job and stop being concerned with other departments like agriculture and the economy?

If we thought you were a good economist and agriculture head we would have made you the agriculture secretary.

Now shut the hell up and do your job!
AMEN Digger!!

There is no reason why the Homeland Security Chief should be lecturing this country about the need to allow illegals into this country for economic reasons. Just do your job, do it like the laws tell you to and this country will grow economically.

Think about it. If one third of all prisoners are illegal, if many jobs are taken by illegals, then think of the money saved if they were not in prison and of all the jobs available to people looking for work.

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