Saturday, September 1, 2007

AFL-CIO is for illegals, screws loyal workers

From Yahoo News:

It seems that the AFL-CIO is more supportive of illegal workers than for its own rank and file workforce. They have sued the federal government to stop it from sending out "no-match" warning letters to employers when their workers' social security numbers do not match the employee's names and other information supplied by the employee. This is the typical signal that the worker is an illegal using a false SSN.

Thus, the unions have sued in order to:
  1. To defraud the government,
  2. To keep illegals employed instead of citizens seeking employment,
  3. Tell its workforce that they do not measure up to illegal workers,
  4. Allow illegals to freely utilize fraudulent documents to attain higher paying jobs in unions,
  5. Try and assure the continued presence of unions by ensuring a dumb and illiterate workforce,
  6. Ensure that firms that hire unions are screwed once again into paying higher than normal wages,
  7. Keep firms paying higher than normal wages to illegal workers,
  8. Maintain a baseline inflation rate due to forcing firms to charge more for their goods due to the higher than normal wages they are forced to pay the unions.
As outlined by Yahoo News:
The AFL-CIO lawsuit, filed this week, claims that new Department of Homeland Security rules outlined in accompanying letters threaten to violate workers' rights and unfairly burden employers.

Ruling on a lawsuit by the nation's largest federation of labor unions against the U.S. government, U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney granted a temporary restraining order prohibiting the so-called "no-match" letters from going out as planned starting Tuesday.
Chesney said the court needs "breathing room" before making any decision on the legality of new penalties aimed at cracking down on the hiring of illegal immigrants.
New penalties? While these letters have been going out for several decades, employers keen on hiring illegals and under pressure from unions, it seems, have ignored these letters because they carried no weight. There was no punishment for failing to respond. The only punishment was if you were caught by ICE officials. And even then the fines were minimal.
The Social Security Administration has sent out "no-match" letters for more than two decades warning employers of discrepancies in the information the government has on their workers. Employers often brushed aside the letters, and the small fines that sometimes were incurred, as a cost of doing business.

But this year, those letters will be accompanied by notices from the Department of Homeland Security outlining strict new requirements for employers to resolve those discrepancies within 90 days or face fines or criminal prosecution, if they're deemed to have knowingly hired illegal immigrants.
Once again, this 9th Circuit Court of Clowns is using their bench as a means to influence and make law. This law was passed several years ago and is now being upheld by the Social Security Administration. Now that there is teeth in these letters, the unions are whining.

Personally, I hope the unions fade away. Their usefulness went away long ago. But then, I never saw the reasoning of a group of thugs forcing a company to pay its workers what it doesn't want or what it could even pay. Notice the auto and airline industries right now straining under the weight of an overtaxed salary and retirement programs.

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