Thursday, September 27, 2007

Amnest Still Being Pushed By Congress

From Atlanta Journal Constitution, an article by Eunice Moscoso about the recent push by Sen Durbin (demb) as an attachment to the Defense Spending Bill.
Washington — The Senate will likely vote on a controversial measure this week that would give illegal immigrant students a path to citizenship if they go to college or serve in the military.

Proponents say it could help replenish the armed forces, stretched thin by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The children affected, they say, were brought to the United States illegally as small children through no fault of their own and should be given a chance to stay.

Critics decry the measure as an amnesty for lawbreakers and a slap in the face to American families struggling to send their children to college.
First, let me say that I think the fact that they are ILLEGAL should be the primary focus of this bill, or any bill that deals with immigration reform. These people are here in this country illegally and in many cases are continually breaking the law by using illegal documents or living without proper documents like driver's licenses. I don't care what country they are from, if they are here illegally, then they need to go home.

Second, this bill was introduced as a means to give young students (under 18) who happen to be in college a means to get citizenship. It seems to have been changed now to just "students" attending college or the military. They should not even be in colleges if they are in this country illegally. They should not be in any school system in this country. Our hard won tax dollars should not be used to pay for their education. They should not be in college, they should be in jail or on their way back to their homeland.

Third, I like the idea of giving people who serve in the military a means for citizenship. I think this option should be open to any person in this world who wants to be an American. If you serve in our military and put your life on the line for this nation, then you should be awarded with citizenship. I am highly against our military using illegals without reward. Although, this measure should not be used as a means to fill our military ranks as most of these illegals are unable to speak english. It is not safe or feasible to place non-english speakers into our military's ranks and have our native citizen members unable to communicate with them.

Fourth, you bet it is a slap in the face to american families. Many american families are unable to afford sending their kids to college with many forced to pay non-resident tuition. But this bill will make it mandatory for all colleges to give illegals resident tuition despite not even being in the state legally. Meanwhile, the legal residents of the US are forced to pay through the nose. And with this move toward illegal preferential treatment, how many American students will not be accepted due to lack of space. And you know, that if more people are given free or reduced tuition, tuition will have to be increased on everyone else.
Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), author of the measure, said that it would give the Pentagon a pool of ideal candidates for military service at a time when the government is struggling to find soldiers and offering up to $20,000 bonuses to enlist.

"All recruits would be well-qualified high school graduates with good moral character,'' Durbin said.
Hmmm. I don't think I like the idea of giving these illegal citizens $20,000 to enlist. Seems to me the hope of gaining citizenship rights would be worth enough. That aspect alone is worth at least $20,000 over the course of this new citizen's rights. "Good moral character"??? They are illegal and have remained thus. That does not bode too well for their good moral character.
The legislation, known as the DREAM Act or "Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act" would allow illegal immigrant high school graduates to eventually attain permanent legal status if they complete two years of college or serve honorably in the military for at least two years.
Umm, now .. NO... that is not going to happen. This person can be a 2 year dropout and still get their citizenship? And, military members are already eligible for college education in addition to the training they get while in service. Illegals must serve at least 4 years in the military in order to be eligible for citizenship. And, I still am uncomfortable giving an illegal who has been here for years a citizenship just because they went to college for 2 years.
"Conservative estimates indicate 1.3 million illegal aliens will be able to take advantage of this opportunity, and then, of course, bring their families into the U.S," he (Saxby Chamblis) said. "There are real and difficult consequences when people break the laws of the United States. Congress heard the American people loud and clear earlier this year on the issue of immigration reform, and the Senate worked its will on this issue already."

(Johnny) Isakson said the measure "would reward those who have obtained an education in a system in which they have not contributed."
I would have to disagree with that estimate. I have a feeling that it is going to be closer to 5-10 million as there are about 30 million illegals here in America. I am glad to hear that these two members are willing to stand up for the American people and our wishes. As Sen Chamblis said, the senate had a chance on this issue already and the American people overroad the massive attempts by the socialists to PUSH this illegal illegal immigration bill upon an ignorant populace. It was all about placating a potential voting block and supporting the somewhat secretive move toward a North American Union.

And Sen Durbin knows that he faces alot of resistance to this re-push of his illegal bill, thus this...
In an effort to convince more senators to support the DREAM Act, Durbin narrowed the measure — adding an age limit of 30 for eligibility and dropping a mandate that the immigrants receive in-state tuition rates.
Hmm, guess they are not targeting young kids anymore. If old people up to age 30 (with no age limit before?) can get citizenship, then this is even more an amnesty program. This is a huge boondogle. Let me ask you this. If these people are here illegal with no valid identification or documentation, then how are they going to prove that they are the age that they say they are (if you can translate their spanish). I am glad to see that the in-state tuition demand was dropped. That would have been an automatic lawsuit. As it is, I am awaiting several lawsuits against certain states for giving in-state tuition to illegals and not giving it to legal citizens.
U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), a vocal critic of illegal immigration who is running for president, sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), asking him to "put an end to efforts in the Senate ... that would reward illegal aliens with amnesty or allow them increased access to publicly funded benefits."
I really hope that Rep Tancredo is not that naive. Either way, it is on record now. Too bad Rep Tancredo is not getting more media air time as he would make an incredible president.
At a news conference last week, several students who arrived illegally in the United States as children and have excelled in school said they were being denied access to their dreams of becoming physicians, lawyers and scientists because they can't qualify for financial help.

"I foresee myself as a doctor helping thousands of families, but without education, without being able to go to medical school, I can't. Therefore, my dreams will die," said Rodrigo, who said he crossed the border illegally with his mother when he was 6 years old and later graduated from a San Jose high school as class valedictorian with a 4.0 grade point average.
I must say that I feel sorry for this kid. He seems to have potential. Instead of getting angry at the system designed to uphold laws and protect its citizens, he should be angry at his mother for keeping him apart from society, forcing him to live illegally. If he truly wants to help people, does it matter if they are Americans or people of his own nationality? Either way, this kid should have become legal along time ago. His mother, one, should have started the paperwork to get the kid legalized, and two, should have never entered our country illegally, and three, forced American taxpayers to foot the bill for his education for 12 years. And now they expect that the Americans reward that behavior with citizenship? I DON'T THINK SO. How about reward us with paying back all that money first!!
The students, who only gave their first names, were dressed as doctors and lawyers, representing what they hoped to become.
Why? Why just give first names? What are they afraid of? They have been living here 12 years now and now they are afraid? If he wants citizenship, then he needs to be proud enough to give his last name. He gave his last name to the school system and the university he wants to attend.

Which brings up another thought. A person is unable to attend a university without a proper and valid social security number. How are these illegals attending school? How are they getting by without a SSN? Are these people breaking more laws by defrauding the federal government again?
The DREAM Act would apply to illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for at least five years before the measure's enactment, have graduated from high school or obtained a GED, and have no criminal record.
Wait. Now these eligible persons can now be anywhere from12 to 30 years of age? So, a teenager who is able to make a distinction between right and wrong, legal and illegal is allowed to seek citizenship despite breaking the laws for at least 5 years prior? And, I'm sorry.... "no criminal record"?!!?!? They have been breaking the law the whole time they have been residing within our borders illegally. They just have not been caught yet.

This whole thing is a huge farce and a giant jack-slap at the American Constitution.

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