Sunday, September 2, 2007

Muslim's Low Self-Esteem Issues

From the ever favorite, Elder of Ziyon:

Elder has a unique way if identifying the problems with the psyche of the Muslims and Palestinian Arabs. In this post, he really points to the cause of Muslim violence:

In the past month alone, I can count at least five "insults to Islam" that made the news:
  • A quite unfunny Opus cartoon was pulled from some American newspapers because it had the potential of being an "insult to Islam."
  • A Malay man made a YouTube video which, among other things, said that a Muslim call to prayer near his house at 5 AM was singing out of tune and sounded like a rooster. This elicited protests.
  • Soccer balls decorated with flags of many nations were distributed to Afghans, and many Muslims were insulted because the Saudi flag depicted on the ball includes Allah's name.
  • A Swedish cartoon depicting Mohammed with a dog's body was strongly protested by Muslims worldwide as a huge insult to Islam.
  • A female Bangladeshi author was assaulted by Muslims for her writings, after a fatwa was issued for her death, and even the Muslims who were against her being threatened felt that she should be deported for her blasphemous works.

Some of these incidents are no doubt real insults to Islam, just as there are daily insults to Judaism and Christianity and other religions, not to mention other groups of people.

One difference is in the reaction to these insults. A violent reaction to an insult is a sign of mental instability, and a mass violent reaction is evidence of a pervasive mental health crisis within that group.
And, he breaks it down succinctly thusly: (you like that?)
To give a simple example: One of the favorite targets of Islam-bashers is Mohammed's relationship with his child bride, Aisha. ... But those Muslims who, deep down, think it is a little bit sketchy for their prophet to be marrying a child are more likely to turn the insult around into a violent reaction.

The other difference between the Muslim reaction to insults and those of most others is hypersensitivity. Muslims have created an atmosphere where they are insulted at even the slightest provocation,...

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