Saturday, September 22, 2007

Perfect example of ABSURDITY

From LGF:

Please note a few things in this photo.
1) The lady being searched is more than likely a nun. She is white. She is old.
2) The lady doing the searching of the nun is a muslim woman wearing a burqua.
3) The nun was probably wheeled to this location via the wheelchair.
4) They forced this female nun who has had to ride in a wheelchair to get around the airport to stand up in a public area for a pat-down search.

Is it really appropriate for a woman to be patting down a female nun's personal areas in public?
What is the point of doing a pat-down search of a white female nun?? Have we had reports and incidents in the past of white female nuns attacking people in public areas? When was the last time a nun of any race attacking and/or blowing up innocent people in public places? Who are committing the majority of the terrorist attacks in this world these days? No one should be able to consider a nun capable of committing a terrorist act let alone being full of hate and anger.

This has got to stop. The placating of muslims in fear of their retribution for pointing out that their religion is responsible for terror and death in this world right now is fueled by cowardice. And our government should not be afraid of a group of people when it comes to PROTECTING our nation and culture.

That airport should apologize... where ever it is.

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