Sunday, October 7, 2007

AFP Announces Judgement on Blackhawk - KILLERS

AFP has announced and judged that the private security firm, Blackhawk, are bloodthirsty killers who are trigger happy goons bent on total murder and mayhem of the innocent Iraqi people...
WASHINGTON (AFP) - Aided by radio and video links, a little known enforcement arm of the US State Department is to stalk the guards of American private security firm Blackwater in Baghdad after their trigger happy ways anger Iraqis.

Agents from the diplomatic security bureau, whose current duties range from protecting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to running a reward program to catch terror mastermind Osama bin laden, are being sent to Baghdad to rein in Blackwater's armed guards, officials said.

Rice ordered the move Friday following a probe into a September 16 incident in which staff of Blackwater, tasked with guarding US diplomats and dignitaries in Baghdad, went on a shooting spree in the Iraqi capital, killing at least 10 innocent Iraqis.

The slaughter angered Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who wants all the 850-odd Blackwater staff out of the country, and infuriated US lawmakers concerned over the lack of oversight of the top US private military contractor.
Nothing like unabashed, unbiased, and quick-to-judge reporting? huh?

So, who are the people who have hired these murderous, inhuman and immoral thugs? The very government that is tasked with security of diplomats and members of the president's cabinet.
In the United States, it is in charge of protecting the Secretary of State, the US ambassador to the United Nations and foreign dignitaries below the head-of-state level who visit the United States.

It also assists US-based foreign embassies and consulates with security for their missions and personnel.

Overseas, the bureau protects personnel in US diplomatic missions, being the most widely represented US law enforcement group globally.
Recall, they thought several other "massacres" of so-called civilians were done by trigger happy soldiers as well. Those charges were later found to be fraudulent. One, anyone with a gun in a battle is not an innocent civilian. Two, you can't win a war if you tell your soldiers to NOT fire first.

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