Wednesday, October 3, 2007


From a local news station in Reno Nevada,

The video shows a man retrieving an American flag after it was learned that the owner of the bar where it was flying had flown a Mexican flag ABOVE the USA flag. The man grabbed his Army knife and cut both flags down and retrieved the flag from them and took it away. It appeared that his intention was to "rescue" the flag from the owners.

But, what is even more interesting of a story is the final story of the video.

That story talked about how ICE agents were conducting raids of local Reno establishments. They were doing raids of McD's restaurants and were able to capture over 50 illegals. While this email is not about how a global company is stooping to hiring illegals and exploiting them and flaunting the laws of this land, it does speak to what the illegals did next.

The illegals, in protest to the recent ICE deportations, have decided to hold a 3 day boycott from work.

I say, Go Get Em. Heck, why not make it 30 days. While you are at it why not go on a vacation. I hear Mexico or Central and South America are nice this time of year. Maybe then when you decide to come back, you can do it the legal way. Hmm?

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