Sunday, October 7, 2007

Minnesota's National Guardsmen Getting Benefit Review

From LGF:

Members of the Minnesota congressional delegation have been working with the Minnesota National Guard to correct what they consider an inequity.

The state’s U.S. senators, Norm Coleman and Amy Klobuchar, announced Monday they had received word from Army Secretary Pete Geren that he was attempting to fix the problem.

“Many of these soldiers have put their education on hold in order to serve our nation, and awarding these benefits is the least we can do for them when they return,” Coleman said.

Geren told the senators he was recommending that the Army Board of Corrections, which has the authority to award the benefits, expedite the review process so the soldiers could get their benefits in time to enroll for spring semester. Usually, each soldier would each have to file a personal appeal, but Geren requested the Army review them as one group.

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