Monday, November 12, 2007

I Won The Book: Lincoln: The Presidential Archives

I just received an email notifying me that I had won a prize that I had signed up for earlier.

I visit the site on a regular basis. The site follows our country's willingness to prevent the entry of people into our nation illegally. For the most part, our country's willingness leans toward actually willing to allow illegal entries without repercussion. What is worse, as Digger notes in his site, many in political power want to reward them for entering our country illegally.

I visited his site a while back and saw that he had a contest going for the book, "Lincoln: The Presidential Archives". I just received an email from Digger telling me that I had won this book in his online contest.

You should really go to his website and check out his review of this wonderful book.

From Digger:
Have you ever wanted to hold the hand of a president and walk through his life with him? Well that is just how I felt as I was reading Lincoln: The Presidential Archives by Chuck Wills from DK Publishing. In this highly illustrated and very well written book you get the sense that you are actually walking side by side with President Abraham Lincoln as he faces the trials and tribulations of his youth, his first hesitant steps into politics and his triumphs and tragedies. I really did feel a certain kinship with Lincoln that I have never felt in the past.
Now what makes this book truly astounding is that it includes actual replicas of items throughout Lincoln's life. As author Chuck Wills calls it in a Question and Answer session, "It’s not just a book; it’s a museum in a book". Things like a page from his childhood arithmetic notebook and his marriage certificate. These things are included in wax paper pockets and can be taken out and examined. This isn't just a "read it" kind of book, but a "live it" kind of book.
To Digger (and his website).... Thank You!!

I will post my own meager review of the book after I had a chance to read through it with my son. I will provide his and my reactions as well.

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