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Media Hates Crackdown On Illegals

From my local college paper, the O'Colly and their "unbiased" "journalistic" take on how the new Oklahoma House Bill 1804 will affect all of Oklahoma as a whole. In case you don't know, H.B. 1804 makes it a felony to shelter or give aid to anyone who is here illegally. It also prevents illegals from getting government assistance and allows local law enforcement greater power to enforce federal immigration laws as well as holding illegals for ICE prior to deportation.

My venerable alma-mater paper took it on themselves to dive deep into the affect this new bill will have on ALL of Oklahoma. Well, at least they should have:
Many Hispanic students are fearful that an anti-illegal immigration law that goes into effect today will lead to racial profiling and increased hatred toward minorities, said the Hispanic Student Association president.
"many" ?!!?? How many feel this way? How many students did this reporter talk to and get this feeling from them? ..........

2 !!!

This article only cites the statements of two "hispanics". The article did not even tell us if these two people are here illegally and thus WOULD be affected by this new law. How many could they have asked?
A total of 525 Hispanic students attend OSU-Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa, 433 undergraduate students, 85 graduate students and 7 professional students, according to the Fall 2007 student profile.
So, they asked 2 out of 525 people. And one is not even a student of the university....
Brenda Moralez, Hispanic Student adviser, said students have voiced concerns about facing racial profiling when a police officer pulls them over.
Hmmm, sounds like the same arguments that blacks have cited over the many decades. Except, most blacks are LEGAL and the racial profiling was indeed racial profiling by whites who have issues with the black race. There is no "brown" racial profiling. There has not been one case where "COPS" have been shown to be racist against browns. And what is funny about this (actually it is reverse racism) that these people feel that all personnel of law enforcement harbor these deep seated hatreds toward brown people. While white people do hold the majority of positions within law enforcement, people of varied color also hold positions. Are these people saying that when a brown or black officer pulls over a brown driver that it will lead to RACIAL profiling?

THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE, YOU IDIOTS!!! This is about legality. If you are here illegally then we will come after you no matter your color, creed, or religion.
“If that’s starts happening, what happens to our rights?” Angela Vivar said. “What happens to people that just look different? They’re going to have to answer for the people who have broken laws. And I don’t care if they have broken laws or not — they still deserve to treated like human beings.”
How will arresting an illegal person be treating them inhumanely? Please describe the exact process that is inhumane? If you can only cite the fact that they are being arrested and deported, then you have nothing at all as even LEGAL people get deported to their home countries when they are arrested for deportable offenses. IDIOT!!!
Brenda Moralez, Hispanic Student adviser, said students have voiced concerns about facing racial profiling when a police officer pulls them over. Vivar said one of the Hispanic Student Association members was recently pulled over for speeding in an Oklahoma town near Stillwater.

The police officer asked to see the member’s “papers,” Vivar said.

“She said, ‘I don’t have my papers — I don’t have a reason to have papers,” Vivar said. “He was like, ‘We’re just taking precautions with Hispanic-sounding last names,’ which is called racial profiling.”

Do you think she has something to gain by saying these things? Who was it? What was this person's name? If you state that it was the person's name that got the police officer's goat then tell us the name. And, no officer asks, "Let me zee your paperz!" If the person did not have a driver's license then the next thing to ask is the person is here legally. In Oklahoma, illegals can not get a driver's license. So, this story is full of holes. To me, it sounds like the officer was asking for "papers" associated with driving a vehicle like driver's license and insurance documentation. Sounds like another story made up to push an agenda.

Out of a town of 40,000, what are the odds that 1 of the 525 Hispanic students gets pulled over and asked this kind of question?

What does the police force have to say about this statement?
Stillwater Police Chief Norman McNickle said a police officer can not ask for a person’s naturalization documents if Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has not trained the officer to do so. “A complaint should be filed after the fact.”
An office finding out a person is an illegal immigrant through “an independent reliable third party” is the same as an officer being told someone has narcotics.

“There’s no discrimination or racial profiling,” Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, the principal author of House Bill 1804 said. “The only thing this bill does is empower state and local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration laws.” It does not target any nationality, race or ethnicity, he said.

Now get these last few statements from this reporter:
“The only people who have anything to be concerned with are those people who voluntarily made a decision to break the law by coming here and remaining here illegally,” he said.

However, for Vivar and other Hispanic students, the fear still remains they will become targets for discrimination.

DISCRIMINATION!?!??! Now, asking for a person's proof of citizenship is racial discrimination? And again, citing the untraceable "other" Hispanics.

Now get this. GET THIS!!!
“It’s going to affect my family,” she said. “It’s going to affect my cousin who has been here for 10 years. It’s going to affect his kids. I can’t really think of any student, maybe two I know, out of 100 that doesn’t have family or really close friends that are undocumented.”
So, this person's cousin is supposedly here illegally? And has been living here illegally for last 10 years and now has kids? Sounds like it is time to track down this lady and find out where this illegal is and ask her some tough questions about harboring and aiding a felon. She should be warned that doing so is a felony. And, if she can't think of anyone, other than two, who have a family member that is undocumented, then how will this affect so many people? If she can only think of 2 out of 100 people that are here illegally or know someone that is here illegally, then how will this bill's actions do untold inhuman harm?

So, how is this bill playing out across the country. Rep. Terrill states that 25-30 MORE states will submit similar bills in their legislative houses by the end of their sessions.

An article from al-Reuters cites an incident in Missouri:
By Carey Gillam

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) - Minor traffic violations do not usually warrant a press release from a governor.

But when state police stopped a van on a Missouri road for "following too closely" and found it was carrying 10 presumed illegal immigrants, Gov. Matt Blunt was quick to tout the incident as part of a new state program to hunt down undocumented aliens.

"We will make every effort, implement every tool, and take every step to ensure the laws against illegal immigration are enforced," declared Blunt, announcing the arrests as he pursued tough new measures to push undocumented immigrants out of the state.

Missouri's efforts are among several now being seen around the nation as state and local officials race to make their territory as unappealing as possible for the nation's estimated 12 million undocumented individuals.

"You're starting to see this around the country. They're trying to scare people and they're saying 'We don't want you here,'" said William Sanchez, lead attorney for the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, which has filed suit to stop a new Oklahoma law that became effective Thursday.
Scare people?!!? Hell NO. We are trying to scare people from COMING here illegally. We just want to deport those that have made it here illegally. This is no different from the aiding and abetting laws on the books for regular felons. How is this any different? These bills just now focus that effort on felons who are in the country ILLEGALLY. And, just because these people are associated with a religion should not give them more weight. There are religious people protesting the funerals of soldiers killed in this war on terror calling them homosexuals or damned sinners. There are religious organizations that are actively recruiting and giving transportation to illegals to make it easier for them to enter this country. Their grief and their complaints are inherently tied to their funding, in my opinion. If they are actively engaging in illegal behavior, then they should have no standing in courts to stop further laws against what they are doing.

Forty-three states enacted 182 immigration-related laws this year, "an unprecedented level of activity," according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

More than two dozen cities and counties have also introduced measures aimed at curbing illegal immigration, though many have been turned back by legal challenges.

Measures vary widely but many focus on penalizing employers of undocumented workers, restricting public benefits, and making it hard for illegals to find places to live.

And, here is the main reason for this bill...
"Illegal aliens will not come to Oklahoma or anywhere else if there are no jobs waiting for them. They will not stay here if there is no government subsidy," said the law's sponsor, Oklahoma Rep. Randy Terrill, a Republican who believes the measure will make illegal immigrants "self deport."

Both critics and supporters said the punitive measures could prompt thousands to flee the state, a factor that has lawmakers in other states eyeing similar measures.

"We are drafting our own legislation patterned after Oklahoma," said Utah Sen. Bill Hickman. "We're developing two different groups in society - those that have to obey the law and those that don't. Society can't function very well that way."

"This is how we're doing business henceforth," said Missouri director of public safety Mark James. "We have 1,000 highway patrol, 100 water patrol and 30 to 40 capital police officers to work on this. If we can help that cause, then we're doing something proactive."

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