Sunday, November 25, 2007

NYC Quagmire: Remove Troops

From the great Scott Ott at Scrappleface:
As the number of murders in New York City reached a 40-year low, Democrats in Congress introduced a measure calling for an immediate and total pull-out of law enforcement personnel citing the high cost of fighting crime, the risk to those in uniform and “lack of political progress” in the city.

In a typical Congressional maneuver, Democrats attached the redeployment measure as an amendment to an unrelated bill, sponsored by Republicans, which would provide senior citizens with a taxpayer-funded MediCare prescription golf benefit.

Official statistics show the Big Apple’s murder rate is now less than a quarter of what it was in 1990, but Democrats in Congress say the reduction has nothing to do with the actions of the New York City Police Department or the policies of the last two Republican mayors.

“The dip in the murder rate is certainly temporary,” said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, “and it presents us with a window of opportunity to safely extract our brave men and women in uniform before the slaughter returns to normal levels.”

Hahahahahaa. Great. True example of using their beliefs against them. Just does not work.

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