Saturday, January 12, 2008

Can I have another 8 hours today, please?

If it is not one thing, it is 10 others.

Woke up today assuring myself that I would finish the rebuild of my son's computer. Just a simple reload. But one failed HD after another, one problem after another means after one day, I am still trying to get windows to install from the start.

And, waking up today, found that my living room's DirectTV satellite receiver was not putting out audio. So, I restarted the receiver. It was at this point the day went downhill. I could not get a channel list back. I had good and strong satellite strength, but it would not retrieve the channels from DirectTV.

My upstairs bedroom unit was still getting channels. So, I brought that unit down thinking my living room unit was bad now. I plugged it in downstairs and it went through its turned on initialization. This unit then could not download the channels. DirectTV said that it was my setup. They will be sending out a tech on Monday between 8 and 12. yea. Can't wait. Well, guess I will have to.

I brought the bedroom unit back upstairs and plugged it in, and it STILL could not retrieve the channel list from DirectTV. So, therefore, I knew that the problem was not with my downstairs machine nor the downstairs cable. Switching out the feed cables from one room to another did not solve anything.

I did notice that through the day, my SAT C signal kept dropping. So, I adjusted the antenna so that I have 90 with Sat-A, 91 with Sat-B and 80 with Sat-C.

Now, I have a whole weekend with no playoff football games.

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