Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Utter Insanity Again Rears Its Head In France

From Fox
France's most drastic measure to curb smoking went into effect Wednesday with a full ban on lighting up in cafes, restaurants and discotheques, a sea change for a country where the cigarette came to symbolize the French way of life.

A New Year's Day reprieve allowed revelers their last legal drags in public places before the new law took effect.

"You have to be vigilant. We caught one at the counter this morning," said Maria Boyer at a cafe near the famed Champs-Elysees.

"I just ask people to be nice and avoid the fines," she said, noting that cafe owners who ignore the ban must pay up, too.

Banning smoking everywhere but in private homes and in the streets is the latest measure in a progressive crackdown that began 15 years ago with the start of steady price hikes on cigarettes and a requirement that public places create nonsmoking areas — the first curb on smoking in cafes.

Smoking is now allowed only inside special sealed chambers, which are costly to install.

Between a predicted drop in sales of cigarettes and possible fines for failing to capture cheaters, Boyer is worried about the health of her cafe, which also sells cigarettes.

"This money will be missing from the coffers at the end of the year," she said. "There will be people without jobs."
I still do not understand.... why allow the sale of cigs if it is illegal to smoke them?!?!!?!?!? If these socialist nazi governments want people to stop smoking, then make the cig illegal, don't cheat by making a legal product illegal to use. This is just so wrong.

This is just like selling cars but making them illegal to drive. INSANITY.

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