Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Photo Tom-Foolery?

Look at this AP photo which is 1 of 3 I will show you that is only a part of the 404 photos in their album.
Looks like a boy playing in the ruins of a recent air strike by Israel against Hamas targets, right? That is just what the descriptions tells us. The image is very suggestive of the destructive nature of Israel against Gaza's children in "refugee" camps.

*Update: Brian from suggests that the AP's use of the descriptor is merely generic in nature. However, if you peruse the other photos within this album, you will noticed that Israel's Olmert is also pictured
with descriptions about him calling for a cease-fire after bombing Gaza. And if you recall, Israel did launch and pull attacks on the weekend of March 8th, 2008.

OK, now look at this second photo.
Description pretty much says the same thing as the image prior. Can't really find anything wrong there.

Now, study this third photo as it is a more broad view of the first two photos.
Note the description. It is the same description describing this was the result of a RECENT air strike against Hamas on March 10. I am posting this on March 16.

Somehow I do not think dirt could have piled up like that in the matter of days since the air attack as I view these images on March 16. And I doubt that so much grass, along with the kid's trails, would have sprouted up in 6 days. Especially since the photo was supposedly taken on March 10, the same day that the attacks occurred? Would you really expect that many kids to be playing on a JUST BOMBED-OUT building? Also note the serious lack of concrete debris around this building.

And yes, I am critiquing the photos.

Is the AP once again trying to take sides and sell us a load of bull???

Now, if you want to see what a blown up building looks like from aerial bombings just look at this one
and then you can look at this one

and this one as well.
This is what a building looks like after it has been hit by Israeli bombs.


Anonymous said...

photos are gone, replaced by pictures of angela merkel in israel

Brian L. said...


The photo will be available at this URL for another few days. After that, it's off to the digital bitlocker in the sky, I'm afraid.

For anyone with AP Images access (registration is free), the permanent link to this photograph is here.