Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Reason For Conservative Judges

From comes this little gem of a news story.
NEW YORK — About two weeks after he was released from prison, Freddie Johnson boarded a crowded subway train during morning rush hour in Manhattan, squeezed in behind a woman and ground his pelvis into her backside, authorities said.

Johnson has been arrested a staggering 53 times — the majority for groping women on the subway, police and prosecutors said.
Arrested 53 TIMES?!!?!?
But the fact that Johnson was roaming the subways in the first place has raised questions about how the state deals with the problem of repeat sex offenders. His case even drew the scorn of a newspaper editorial this week that labeled Johnson the "Subway Rat."
Duh, you think?
Johnson, a registered sex offender, has been convicted at least twice of persistent sexual abuse within the last decade, prosecutors said. And he has a lengthy rap sheet, with 30 arrests for sex abuse, 13 for jostling and two for grand larceny, police said. He was released from prison on March 25 after serving four years for persistent sexual abuse,...
So, this will now be the third time he has been arrested for "persistent sexual abuse"??? How about calling this man a danger to himself and society?!?! LOCK THIS PERV UP FOREVER!

But, you say, well the justice system will protect us. You say that, but then you would be STUPID.
The state attorney general's office had argued that the 49-year-old should be confined under the state's civil commitment law for sex offenders, which went into effect last year, because he was at risk for repeat offenses. But a Manhattan Supreme Court Judge disagreed and instead placed Johnson on strict court-ordered supervision and electronic monitoring.
So, how'd that work out for ya then? Huh?

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