Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Right To Protest?

Ok, a touchy subject for this post. What are the limits on free speech and the right to protest? Does it include standing out in front of an organization you have a complaint against? Does it include entering said organization and protesting during their board meetings?

What if that organization is the federal government? Is it still right or wrong to fully protest during congressional hearings? This is the kind of protest I am talking about here.

Should the congressional police have prevented these kind of protests from entering the halls of justice? They are turning the hallowed halls into a 3-ring circus of idiocy. I see no reason to allow people dressed and prepared like this entry into congressional hearings. They should be allowed free and unfettered access to protest outside on the steps of congress, but not in the same room where the hearings are being conducted.

Why allow them entry and then turn around and escort them out. That is exactly what they want. The police are just giving credence to their complaint that they are being silenced or mistreated. Why let them inside in the first place????

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