Saturday, May 24, 2008

Body Parts Wash Up In British Columbia

From Fox News comes this update:
For the fourth time in a year, a severed human foot has washed ashore in British Columbia. Authorities are investigating the discovery made on uninhabited Kirkland Island, the CBC reported.

The foot, which was inside a shoe, is the fourth in a mysterious string of incidents in which feet have been found along British Columbia’s beaches.

In August, two size 12 feet were found, and a third was discovered in February. All three were right feet, and all were in sneakers. Authorities have not said whether the fourth foot is also a right foot.

Nycki Basra, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, told the CBC they are working to trace where the foot came from, and said it could be a result of suicide, accident or foul play.
Yeah, I am betting it is suicide. Especially noting that all the feet were right feet.

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