Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now Bush Apologizes for Quran Shooting

From Breitbart News comes this little gem of yellow-dog cowardice.
US President George W. Bush has apologised to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki over the shooting of a Koran by an American soldier near Baghdad, state television announced on Tuesday.

"The prime minister received an apology from US President George W. Bush on the incident of shooting of a Koran by a US soldier," Al-Iraqia television said. US military authorities in Iraq have apologised to the local community west of Baghdad where the soldier fired at the Koran on May 11 during shooting practice.

The soldier has since been expelled from his unit and sent home.
I am confused. Is it Quron, Quran, Kuran, Koran.....or Korap?!!?!? You know your religion means squat if you can't even make up your minds on how to spell your "prophet's" name, the name of your book and the name of your religion the same way from day to day.


Anonymous said...

Get over it already. A soldier, in his frustration shot a holy book. Muslims have been doing that to the bible, Jews and Christians for years. No apology needed. Soldier reassigned and punished. End of story. Jimmy crack corn ...and I don't care.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should demonstrate how trivial this is. Maybe masses of Americans burning and urinating on the US flag, the bible, etc. in public squares would be appropriate. I mean, who here HASN'T peed on a Bible for Christ sakes (Satan's sake perhaps!)

mahdiamira1 said...

You are all confused. You should know.. I forgot you would not know since you do not take real history classes...Muslims ruled half of the planet or over a 1000 year, they welcomed all faiths, Jews, Christians and others for 1000 year...you should probably just say thank you and return the favor by showing a little respect...shooting the Koran will not kill no one but aggravate hatred.. It also unveils the real skin of those who claim to be in Iraq to help the Muslims..

Someone said Muslims shot at the bible...please tell me who and when....? Or is it just garbage talk ....I thought Christianity and Judaism teach you to respect other religions and faiths or doesn’t it...!? Now we see wish religion has tolerance toward others and whish one just claim it in the news

Anonymous said...

"I thought Christianity and Judaism teach you to respect other religions and faiths or doesn’t it...!?"

That's like on of those TV ad's you hear - sounds great! But a lie.

Christiantity? Remember the Inquisition (>9 Million killed for Jesus), the Taipeng Rebellion (>20 million killed for Jesus), the Crusades, etc., etc. Respect? No - hatred under the cloak of respectability.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I say burn all religious materal, all flags, all symbols for whatever you believe. They are just that, symbols. They are not the religion or the belief, nor are they the actions of those beliefs, those can only be found in the soul and in the doing.

Anonymous said...

Christianity and Judaism are not part of my faith, therefore they don't speak to me..it appears that one of them belongs to you, therefore you should follow its instructions...or shall we say more accuratly God's command. Belonging to a faith is more then just say "I do" you have to follow with action that reflects your faith...I wish you knowledge and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Now we see how much tolerance Muslims have towards Christians. I guess we should all be thankful that more Muslims aren't just blowing themselves up in public places and killing all of our children?

The Jesus I follow teaches that we should all LOVE one another. It seems the Muhammed most Muslims follow teaches that you should KILL everyone who doesn't agree with you!!

Anonymous said...

mahdiamira1 - you said that Muslims welcomed all faiths -- The contemporary teachings say that all "People of the Book" are walking targets (I'm paraphrasing, but you get my meaning). It's "my way (Islam) or nothing (death)" for the radicals out there. Yes, there are counterparts and contemporaries in every major religion (except, perhaps, Buddhism), and those who espouse to want to "convert" the rest of the non-believers by whatever force necessary, but few so radical as the Muslim zealots.

Anonymous said...

When you stand naked before Ahlah, will you present a Bible, or a Qur'an, or a Tora, as a testament to your faith? Will you say to God, See, because of this I believe. Because I have this I am good. God will see through such things, and to your heart and know.

No symbol can ever be used as weight on the scale of judgement.

Why then be concerned what others do with their souls? You can not change them, only suggest a better way.

Anonymous said...

I would not speak of what I don't have knowledge of. ..It appears that you get your knowledge from the news and cafe talks....name one book, one line of the Koran that reflects what you are saying..!! ...most of people who talks like you they have never opened a book and learned about what Islam and the prophet Mohammad teachings...
I believe that Jesus ( came with the same message as the prophet Mohammad and all the other prophets and messengers...information get lost and distorted through time...please read about Islam teaching and then ask your questions and make your comments...it is unwise to repeat what others think and say without checking your own truth..
wish you well..

Anonymous said...

Well, I read on this blog a Muslim saying they ruled 1/2 the world 1,000 years ago - correction, 1/2 of Europe and Asia. We should be thankful? What do you think the inquisition was about? Ousting Jews and Muslims that were trying to covertly take over the Catholic Church and the world (obviously it went way too far). There was a lot of blood shed to stop you (Muslims) then. You did no one any favors.

But you all miss the point. This isn't about religion. This is about the United States Consitution. We do not have a national religion. We were founded by deeply religious independent thinking Christian men who had the foresight to not let the United States endorse any religion. That means it will never endorse the Muslim religion either. Get over it. It won't and you will be stopped from trying to do so.

The soldier did nothing wrong under the United States Constitution. Maybe he did something wrong under a soldiers code of conduct or something, but nothing wrong concerning the Consitution.

We were founded by men and women who where getting away from tyrants, and running to freedom. A soldier may not have as much "freedom" simply because he is in the service, but believe me, us civilians do, and because of brave soldiers - like the one that shot the Koran - we will keep our freedom. Thank God (and not the states God - OUR GOD).

Midnite said...

First off, the Qur'an (al-qur'an) is not confused in its spelling. It is more likely that those not familiar with it confuse its spelling.

The Qur'an also does not teach tolerance. If a muslim practices tolerance, then he is not being true to the Qur'an, at least to my understanding of it. My understanding is that the Qur'an teaches the spreading of Islam through the sword, even though it is based on the law of Moses (and not-compliant with the law of Moses).

Christianity, on the other hand, does not teach tolerance for other religions. It teaches love for your brothers, but that love should start with concern over your brother's mortal soul, and if that brother is not a believer in Christ, then that mortal soul is in danger, and the true Christian should do everything in his power to remedy that. But in contrast to the teachings of the Qur'an, the method for this is not by the sword, but rather through preaching. The Word will stand on its own, it needs no martial enforcement.

As for this incident. A book is a book. Should he have done that? It was disrespectful. On those grounds, he shouldn't have. But was it criminal? It certainly wouldn't be criminal for me to go shoot a copy of the Qur'an, The Bible, the constitution, or any other document that I own. Should he pay the "most severe" price? No. Should he be dishonorably discharged? If competent, yes. His actions contributed to conflict, and should not have been taken.

Anonymous said...

IT IS UNTRUE that Islam was or wants to be spread by sword. Again it is a lack of knowledge to say so. It is the common false knowledge acquired through FOX channel news and alike...
TWO Islam does not force people to become Muslim...as I said before and you might not know that Islam ruled for 1000 year with Jews and Christian living and worshiping in their sinagogs and churches amongst Muslims...Islam does teach us to respect other faiths... Read and learn before you spread lies...some people enjoy telling lies about Islam and Muslims...I will never understand but the fact that this kind of people are clouded with

Anonymous said...

...clouded with hatred

Anonymous said...

How many muslims have burned the american flag ?
This is a great symbol of freedom to all that are free. Do we call for all the muslim people to apologize for these people bruning this great symbol. No. See we just find these people as ignorant and filled with nothing but hate. There are so many more problems in this world than some solider shooting a book or some crazed radicials burning our country's flag

Come on people there is so much more we could accomplish here

Midnite said...

Do not assume where my knowledge comes from, as it is definitely not Fox news. It comes from Christian apologists who spend their lives studying both The Bible and al-qur'an.

I do not, nor have I intended to communicate, that I have the requisite knowledge to debate this subject, nor is this the proper forum for such a debate.

I definitely do not say anything from a position of hate. But what exposure I do have to al-qur'an has shown it to be inconsistent with its basis, inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ, and historically contradictory. This could be a misunderstanding on al-qur'an on my part, as I am definitely not an expert. But no one has yet shown that to me, and until they do, it is the basis on which I will proceed. Merely stating that my knowledge is incorrect and that I am not well-versed neither addresses nor corrects anything.

And how individuals applied Islam does not speak to the truth of Islam. Christianity has been applied in the past in a very non-Christian way, but that is not a failing of Christianity, but of Man. Islam can teach violent conversion and islamicists can practice non-violent conversion, but this would be to the credit of Man, not to Islam. If you want to defend Islam, defend it internally.

Patrick said...

It is horrifying to think that our president would apologize for this, and an American Colonel kissed a koran before he gave it to some tribal elders (tribal elders? jeesh, what is this 1351 AD) The sniper that used that book as a target should have been promoted to General. that is precisely what we need in the field to prosecute this war

The Captain said...

I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog and for posting your comments. Anonymous, I as a Christian mean no disrespect of your religion, but when your brethren place a man's life above that of a book that is printed on machines, then how can you value another man's soul? When members of your faith call for the death of people over drawings that might show disrespect toward your religion, then how can you turn and say that Islam teaches peace and love?

Anonymous, for you to say that Islam is not about the sword, I take it that you have not read the true Qu'ran (thank you midnite. I knew that but was trying to make a point). There are many versions out there and many books on the matter that try to rewrite Islam's history.

Christianity used to be the way Islam is now. Christianity(so called then) used torture and aggressive evangelizing to spread its message. During that time, the leaders used their religion as a means to affect governments and the economies of the nations as well as keeping the common people in the dark.

But, despite this repressive and aggressive aire, there was still an innate freedom of the people. When the bibles were mass produced and the common people began to read and control their own views of the Christian religion. This began the reformation movement which led to the RETURN to the true word GOD written in the Bible.

The Christian faith of today, believes in the WORDS of God, not the book of God. If you want to burn it, piss on it, or shoot at it. Go right ahead. It is our faith in God and the belief that his word is everywhere that allows us to not rise to the level of hatred expressed by Moslims throughout the world.

The Christian religion is founded upon the belief that we love, honor, and respect everyone like they were our neighbor or brother\sister. If you treat each other with love and respect, there is nothing else needed. Jesus said, that to love one another as you do yourself is the greatest commandment. Thus you really do not see Christian suicide bombers. You do not see true Christian people killing in the name of Jesus these days. Those who say they do, are quickly denounced and proved to be mentally unstable.

Compare this to Islam that teaches and praises homicide bombers. The religion pays the families for the death of that family's son when he blows himself up trying to kill others. Islam promotes this culture of death by suggesting rewards in heaven. Its scriptures tell its followers that it is better to kill unbelievers than to have them contaminate brethren. Can you point to recent events that highlight that Christians promote death? We can provide billions of examples of where Islam and its followers do however. Here is one: The leader of Iran proclaimed and threatens the death of Israel. I will post the links in next blog-post.

Like midnite, I do not claim to know or claim to be an expert of Islam. I have read parts of it.