Friday, May 2, 2008


charlotte, NC. were told to conserve water because of a drought. They were told that they had 100 days of water left if did not conserve.

The people did conserve, but that was not enough for the liberals. Voluntary rationing is just too much power in the hands of the people.

There were bans put in place to limit water usage by the cities and state.

The people used less water.

Now it seems... the city is raising water rates 15% because less water has been purchased. Less water purchased means less monies going into the government's coffers. Now, that just won't do. We can tell you how much water to use, but pay them less money??? OH NO!!

Now the governor of North Carolina has done commercials to promote how kids can watch their neighbors water usage. how they can be invaluable for stooging\spying on their parents or neighbors!!

Welcome to the world you have created. If you vote in democrats and liberals and socialists, this is what you get. But no, you wanted your welfare. You wanted politicians who would tell you that they would go after someone else's money and property and give it to you or someone else. You like how that sounds. You thought it was unfair that someone else worked for their money. That money should be taken away from them and given to someone who refuses to work for their money.

You vote in socialists who want to give our country away to illegals. You voted in people who are more than happy to tax you into debt and then gets mad at you when you claim bankruptcy. They tell you that you can't use the oil and gas under your feet, and then require you to purchase unsafe and inefficient "green" vehicles that they help subsidize with tax dollars.

Welcome to Russia\Germany of yesteryear. Welcome the Water Nazi Brown Shirts.

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