Friday, June 20, 2008

Democrats No Longer Hiding From Label

The Democrats have for years tried to hide from the labels of Liberal and socialist. They have claimed that they were "Progressive". Only stupid people actually believed that clap-trap. Everywhere else that the label "progressive" is used, the people are either communist or socialist. I mean, come on, there was a Socialist sect within the Democrat Congress and a great majority of them belonged to it. And I suspect a few Republicans as well.

But now, it would seem, that the Democrats are no longer hiding their true ideologies. They now feel open to freely express their true opinions and desires for "change" now that the Obamassiah is President.

From Rusty comest his bit of news:
What could possibly be worse than turning the American oil industry into a U.S. government monopoly? Turning the worldwide uranium enrichment industry into a U.N. monopoly. California Democratic Congresswoman urges just that.
Is that like allowing Iran to build nukes? Or allowing Congress to manage our southern border? Or allowing celebrities to pretend to give expert testimony in order to dictate national policy?
Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) standards are obsolete, and the growth in the sheer number of nuclear facilities world-wide has made it difficult for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to achieve its mission[, said Rep. Jane Harmon].
schaw, they are being built everywhere but here in the US. Thanks to people like Rep. Jane Harmon. Spankyou very much!!!

Michelle Malkin puts the point succinctly:
Okay…so we, um, let the UN make all the world’s enriched uranium and ration it. How long until the U.N. manages to turn “Atoms for Peace” into “Oil For Food II”?

More importantly, I don’t hear anything in there that would actually discourage a country like Iran or North Korea from enriching uranium, other than making them pinky swear to the IAEA that they won’t do it–
These people really think that more government controlling handouts is the answer to everything. They already want to take over American oil and gas companies like Chavez did in Venenzuela. Talk about a complete shafting of the constitution. But then, then socialism never cared about rules, people, or following laws. Not like democrats have been very pro-America of late either (Obama, Obama's wife, Murtha, Pelosi, Reid, etc).

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