Thursday, June 26, 2008

When Hypocrisy Rules

From Fox News comes this about hypocrisy.

House Republicans blocked Democrats on Thursday from requiring oil and gas companies to drill on the millions of acres of government land and water on which they already own federal leases.

Seeking to counter a push by congressional Republicans to lift a long-standing drilling ban on most offshore U.S. waters, Democratic leaders maintained the industry should first go after oil and natural gas in areas where they hold leases.
HOWEVER... they did do this...
Separately, lawmakers moved to help local mass transit systems cope with a rush of new ridership as people turn to public transit in response to high gasoline prices.

The House voted 322-98 to authorize $1.7 billion over the next two years to lower fares and expand operations as more riders flock to public transit. The transit measure, which must still be considered by the Senate, marks the first time federal money would be used to support local mass transit operating costs.
However, mass transit has been supported every year. So, despite their clamoring, the repubs once again turned on americans.

I kind of understand why they would not vote for a bill requiring companies to drill in areas they are not doing so, mainly because probably the oil companies know that these are low quality areas and thus leaves these scrags till last, but then to turn around and spend tax dollars on mass transit that only a very very small percentage of people use in this country!?!?!

Once again, they turn to socialism and forcing small states to pay for the massive population center's problems.

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