Monday, July 21, 2008

Illegals. What They Good For?

Digger over at Digger's Realm has some interesting pieces up about the increase in illegal activities within our nation and the rise in the associated consequences. You think we need illegals? Illegals will do jobs American's won't do?

Will American teenagers not work at McDonalds? Hardly. But, for one owner of 11 franchises, he hired illegals in order to increase his profit. But far be it to just take jobs away from Americans, the company also created false documents and ID's for the illegals.
You did read all of the above right, they actively supplied illegal aliens with ID and documents to allow them to break the law, yet there's only one mention n the article of a possible jail sentence for any of those who committed this crime. No jail either it seems for the illegal aliens who used the identity theft to obtain employment.
And in furtherance of those laws that we hold dear and expect fair and equal treatment...
The company was caught with 58 illegal aliens, but I'm sure there are more. As the article points out 30 illegal aliens have left the country since the bust and the rest were allowed to remain here in the good old US of A.
Meanwhile, we have another church sheltering another illegal within their walls for over a year while those who support breaking America's culture and laws have violently attacked people who have protested the church and its actions.
Liliana - the illegal alien Elvira Arellano wannabe - has been holed up in the Simi Valley United Church of Christ for one year this week. Throughout this year patriots have been rallying and protesting the church's outright illegal behavior, and so far federal law enforcement has been unresponsive. During that year several patriots at rallies in front of the church have been physically assaulted by illegal aliens and their supporters.
Yep, the same kind of church that Obama and his peace, love, and happy preacher attend. So, you know how they feel about America and American values.

Meanwhile, thanks to the vast increase in illegals and drug cartel traffic from Mexico, Phoenix has now become the kidnap capital of the United States. I am very sure that the fact that it is a sanctuary city has nothing to do with it.
In the video they point out that almost every case they cover in phoenix is tied to drug or human smuggling.

You can of course put all the blame on the Mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon, who has refused to crack down on illegal aliens. Mayor Gordon went so far as to say that those opposed to illegal aliens are extremists and that "It's outrageous conduct on the part of these individuals who have proclaimed themselves self-judges of who belongs in our country and who doesn't belong in our country".

That's funny because I don't see any patriots out there kidnapping anyone, yet there were over 350 kidnappings - with extortionist purposes and with every instance including torture - in Mayor Gordon's one city alone last year.

So, when someone tells you that these people only want to come up here to make their lives better and get a piece of the American dream, it is not so. The American dream is one where we pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, dig in, and do something that betters our lives as well as those around us. And most importantly, we do it legally as well. If these illegals really wanted to make their lives better, then they would not have started it out by breaking our laws. And don't forget all the drug trafficking, slave trade, and drug-militia.

Check out the video is included.

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