Monday, October 12, 2009

Is This Mexico?

Tonight's Monday Night Football game was partly officiated in spanish. And, we were gifted with those spanish version of traditional NFL commercials as well. We were even blessed to have the game announcers trying their hand at spanish live on air.

All this is not pretty.

I know this was in "celebration" of Mexican Heritage Week, or something like that. But... come on. Football is an AMERICAN icon. Are there any football teams in Mexico? Are there any left in Spain?


This is AMERICA. Quit screwing with our culture.

Hey, those of you upset right now about what I am complaining about, think about this. How about we have a week celebrating White American Culture week. Would you be OK with that?

[Update:] My bad... (its worse)... It is Hispanic Heritage MONTH!! We get this all month long?

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