Saturday, December 31, 2011

8 Things Republicans Must Do In 2012 And On To Save This Nation - And The Party

Recently, I wrote how NMP Mr Obama views America, its citizens, their freedoms, and America's heritage.

In Dr Wolf's (Washington Times) piece, he points out - rather correctly in my opinion - that Obama views America as stupid, untrustworthy and in dire need of massive governmental control in order to save it from itself. What Dr Wolf does not cite is that this is the predominant view of the Democrat party (holy hell people.. it is not.. "democratic" party. those are two different things). Even many Republican party members tie their horse to this Big Socialism\Statism hitching post. They love the power and the money. They love the power the money gives them. They love the power they get when people ask them for money. Socialism strokes egos of the powerful. For those who are not dead and dying under its yoke.

It is a very powerful lure. Satan always has been. The power to control people's lives has corrupted people from time immemorial. It has been the downfall of almost every person. Kids learn it when they are young. The power to pick people to be on their team. The power to "pick first". The power to tell on someone or to keep a dirty secret. Unfortunately for Socialists, their sins are plainly evident for everyone to see. Unfortunately for Americans, the Socialist Democrats have a better PR machine than Satan.

America has increasingly suffered under the ever increasing yoke of governmental control, influence and outright tyranny. Yet, half of this nation, thanks to government-provided education, thinks that Socialism is just fine - when enacted properly, of course. And if it were not for those pesky Republicans getting in the way, Socialism could be enacted like it should be and we could all live in the Garden of Eden once more.

But what the gullible, ignorant, uneducated sycophants fail to realize is that the Socialists' plans are working as designed. These dolts (perfect example can be found at OWS protests) are blaming others for their problems like they want you to. They are demanding someone else pay higher taxes so that they can be given stuff for free. They are demanding that taxes on corporations be near deathblow limits in order to fund immoral social programs for a minority few.

Sorry to inform you folks, but that plan has been coming in to fruition for decades and has nearly come to fruition under the greatest Socialist of all time - NMP Mr Obama. He puts Stalin and Mussolini to shame in his ability to control people's daily lives, to the amount of money he forcibly transfers around, and to how many freedoms have been taken away.

For the Republicans to remain relevant in 2012 and beyond, there are only just a few things that they MUST do. This also includes what they must promise to do in order to regain control over the 3 branches of our formerly-representative government.

1) Repeal ObamaCare. This is the worst piece of Socialist travesty since the order to inter Japanese\German-Americans. Its trampling upon freedom of choice is a blasphemy to all our soldiers died for.

2) Change our tax code. Our tax code is the most repressive, regressive, progressive in the world. I use progressive not in the forward moving sense, but in the anti-American sense. We need to create either a flat or relatively flat tax system and one that is business friendly. We should not be out-taxed by killer Socialist nations like France.

3) End all Subsidy and Social programs funded by federal tax dollars. It is not just common sense but now our only means for economic survival. Our government should not be in the business of funding social programs or businesses over another.

4) Reverse the last 10-20 years of federal regulations. This doesn't mean stop their funding source. This means repeal. We must repeal many of the burdensome anti-business regulations that stifles entrepreneurship and business expansion.

5) Close shop on thousands of federal offices. Starting with the EPA, the Depts of Energy and Education, start closing down their doors and fire them. They have no purpose but to kill individualism, growth, business and the American economy.

6) Open up every single national energy source and type. In order to grow our economy and save the lower and middle class, we must have affordable energy, products and food. We can not have an expanding economy when we shut down our energy supplies. Open up all sites for competitive bid after businesses agree to donating to "superfund" fund based upon the revenue generated from the sale of the resource.

7) Start selling unused federal lands. This includes some unpopular "protected" lands and industrialized properties. Give most of the land back to the states.

8) Open up federal lands to build gas refineries and nuclear power reactors. 'nuff said.

Failure to accomplish these tasks, or even attempt them, will mean the death of the Republican party as President Reagan once knew it. Failure to work to save our nation and its economy will mean the death of America.

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