Thursday, December 1, 2011

Liberal Voters Create Their Own Hell

Welcome to your own hell liberal California voters.

California Governor Brown seeks $7 billion from tax hikes
The wealthy in California would pay more income tax and shoppers would face a sales tax increase under a measure to be unveiled by Governor Jerry Brown to raise $7 billion for the cash-strapped state.

Details of the initiative were being nailed down on Thursday with lawmakers, advocates and labor unions so it could be made public as soon as Friday, according to sources in the state capital of Sacramento familiar with the measure.
I'm sorry, but what do the labor unions have to do with crafting of a tax hike bill? Why would they need to be involved? Oh, that's right. The liberals, democrats, and marxist labor unions are completely intertwined and inbred.

Welcome to your hell California. You voted for it. Welcome to it. You can have it.

(oh, and thank you CA for your jobs. The rest of the US can use them since you don't want them)

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