Monday, January 9, 2012

Fools Play When Reason Goes Away

What happens when you get a supposed disgruntled union guy who was let go by his money-hungry union?

You get a DNC supported hack with a blatantly biased illogical story who can't wait to harass RNC candidates he blindly sees as responsible.
As reporters and Mitt Romney supporters filed outside the gymnasium where the former Massachusetts governor had led a raucous rally ahead of the primary here Tuesday, Randy Johnson, a stooped and bearded man in late middle age, stood silently to the side and watched. Nearby, an operative with the Democratic National Committee directed reporters to him, where one by one, Mr. Johnson told them his story.

The DNC, he says, pays for his flights and for a hotel room, and he needled the DNC operative following him around for making him pay for tolls and buy lunch as they travelled around New Hampshire.
So, what is this guy's story? What is his gripe against Romney?
The 57-year-old described how he worked at a factory making office supplies owned by Smith Corona, which facing bankruptcy, sold his plant to another company, Ampad, that has recently been acquired by Bain Capital. Ampad promptly fired all of the workers at the plant, and then re-hired most of them. Since they were a union shop, and over half of the employees had been re-hired, the new owners were forced to recognize the union. They tried to renegotiate the contract, but the union eventually decided to go on strike, so Ampad shuttered the once-profitable factory.
Can you see the truth there? He was a member of a union that caused the business to lose money to the point it was going bankrupt. Another company came in to save the day. In thinking of slimming down and saving the company, they fired everyone. Then realizing that they had fired union people, they hired most of them back and tried to renegotiate the contract. The union refused to come to an agreement. That led to the closure of the plant. The union forced these two owners to close the plant because they refuse to come to terms how harmful their demands are.

And what is worse? HE HAS ANOTHER UNION JOB!!!
Mr. Johnson said he has been to five Romney events so far this year, and has spoken at union halls and on talk radio “to anyone who will listen.”

He had to relocate from Indiana to Pittsburgh and is taken leave from a job at the steelworker’s union there.
This guy, is a member of another union in another state and the union is allowing him leave, with pay, to go harass a political candidate... and also get reimbursed by a major political party.

Odd, huh?

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