Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Post from June 12, 2006:

3 prisoners at the Camp Guantanemo committed suicide. The media and several members of the liberal/Democrat party are now demanding the closure of the prison of terrorists. Why? Why are we worrying about the death of our enemies? Why are we criticizing our country when members of our enemies take themselves out of action? Doesn't this save our bullets?! We should be celebrating the fact that we have demoralized them to the point where they want to kill themselves instead of us!!! In fact, according to fox news (here) one of those who committed suicide was due to be released back to his country of origin. And another was one who was involved in a previous prison riot in Afghanistan that killed a CIA agent. Sad, so sad. Now, we will never be able to understand his anger, his depth of his willingness to kill us and to try and soothe him back to happiness. Ooohhmmm

There were nearly 17,000 murders in 2005 and over 84,000 since 2001 in USA. Now this compares to nearly 2,500 deaths of our soldiers in the country of Iraq alone. With this massively low numbers of war deaths, members of the liberal elite are calling for our removal from Iraq becuase of the massive numbers of deaths. "We are in a quagmire" there. "Our soldiers are dying on a daily basis." Now, this compares to the fact that Iraq, even under the face of battle conflict, is a much safer place to be compared to many US cities. People in our country should be praising our military and its leaders for exercising a plan and battle that has extremely limited casualties. Remember Iwo Jima anyone?

Shaquille O'Neal has been fined $10,000 for failing to make himself readily available to the media while his team's owner has been fined $25,000 for failing to ENSURE that his team's players were readily available to the media. This appears to be against league rules that demand all players eagerly, happily, and with full joy make themselves readily available to the stupid, inane, incessant, stupid, moronic, torturous, and demeaning questions from illiterate media personnel who see themvelves far and away smarter than anyone else in the world. Way to go Shaq!!!

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that Western states must work together to reduce greenhouse gasses in the fight against global warming. " We are long past the time when we can just talk about this problem," Schwarzenegger said Sunday at the annual meeting of the Western Governors' Association. "We must take action." Schwarzenegger, a Republican running for re-election, pointed to California's work to try to reduce emissions by 33 percent by 2020. Hmm... and this despite the fact that it is California that is primarily responsible for the west coast pollution. And right.. . like they can reduce their pollution by 33% in 14 years. Don't they know that their levels of pollution will more than likely RISE by that much over that time frame?!?!? He is citing his "proposal" as proof of his work? So far, California is the most strick in terms of pollution control and yet, it still remains the most polluted place in America. Hmmm.. so much for the benefits of pollution control, eh??

As part of this meeting, the governors issued calls, A call for more investment in ethanol, biodiesel, electricity, natural gas and the transmission grid needed to support it. The resolution was designed to call to attention the country's dependence on foreign oil as a national security risk and environmental concern. Well, if you are so concerned about foreign oil and its impact on our national security, then open up your own state's natural resources to exploration and retrieval. That way our nation can become less dependent on foreign sources and the added jobs and production can help our economy and job market!!!! You can demand all the alternative fuels you want, but until the market forces and the people want to dig thru french fry oil to power their cars, it is not going to happen.

Another call, Approving a two-year report that recommends ways to achieve a more clean and diversified energy portfolio in 10 years, including calling upon Congress to pass federal tax credits for energy efficiency investments. Hmm, how long have they been pushing for "a more diversified energy portfolio"? They have been pushing alternative energy sources since the 70's, haven't they?!?!? And what has remained as the most cost-effective fuel?? PETROLEUM!!! It is the easiest to get and the cheapest to produce and transport. It does not make sense to push for alternative energies when people don't want them, there are cheaper alternatives and it will take far longer than that for the market to be ready to support those alternatives. And, by the way, what happened to all that anger recently about how the petroluem companies have garnered tooooo much profit?!!? If they are making so much money from gouging gas prices, then why are these LIBERALS offering to give them our hard-earned tax dollars (in the form of tax credits) in order to help push alternative energies upon us???!?! If the petroluem companies are so flush with money, then allow them to go searching for more sources of oil within our shores so that they can produce more gas. In that way, our gas prices can stay low which does nothing but HELP our economy. Forcing Americans to pay more in US taxes and more in fuel prices and more in gas taxes just to have alternative energy IS NOT COST-EFFECTIVE. It will only harm our economy.

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