Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bits and Pieces 2

Post from June 12, 2006:
Beginning on July 1, France will charge economy class passengers entering or leaving France one euro – about $1.30 – for flights in Europe, and up to four euros for longer flights. First class and business class passengers will pay 10 euros in Europe and 40 euros elsewhere, the Los Angeles Times reports. A group of 14 nations, led by France, has announced that they will impose a tax on airline passengers to help buy drugs for people infected with HIV/AIDS.
Hmmm... so, are they saying that it is airline passengers who are at fault for the transport of AIDS ?!??!!? Why in the world would they impose this tax on air passengers to pay for the inept AIDS policies? Is this the outcome of lax moral policies that blame air passengers for the growth of AIDS? You know, in most countries, the tax is usually associated with the activity. For example, those who want to go fishing and catch fish are taxed in order to help pay for the upkeep, maintenance and stocking of the area's lakes and empoundments. They would not think of charging air passengers to help stock their local lake with prized fish.
The United Nations estimates that it needs more than $20 billion by the end of the decade to provide drugs to the growing number of people infected, particularly in Africa and Asia.
Hmmm, you know, in those natios where almost 100% of the people are infected with AIDS, I don't think giving them expensive drugs for the rest of their life is going to be helpful to anyone. Especially not to those who are taxed to pay for the expensive drugs. I understand that for many in those 3rd world countries who have gotten AIDS it was not anything of their doing, but.... in a place where AIDS has almost become a natural component of life there, what is the benefit of give these people expensive drugs for the rest of their shortened lives? These people already know that AIDS is really prevalent and telling them to use condoms is like telling them to use the dishwasher to wash their dishes. Many of these countries are still so destitute that these people live in huvvles and wash their dishes in water that is dirtier than what they are trying to wash off. They are not going to stop having sex despite the threat of getting AIDS so why should we be expected to pay for their drugs. You know, we tried to cure sickle-cell anemia amonth third world blacks. But then it was found that that disease provided an immunity to malaria. Now, if AIDS was a non-social infection that could be cured with a one time shot, or ointment, then I would say.. lets get rid of it - like polio. But, AIDS is a social disease that is a virus that once people get it, it is almost a death sentence. Giving these people expensive cocktail of drugs for the rest of their life is rather pointless in my opinion. We are already artificially supporting their populations with food drops due the fact that the lands they live on can not support that level of population. Biologists know that it is a basic fact of nature that if a population grows uncontrollably, it will reach a point where it has to crash. The population will get diseases, there will be mass attacks amongst the populace. Nature takes its toll on excessive populations to reduce it back down to levels that the environment can support. Humans are no different.

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