Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bush LOVES illegals

Another Post from May 25, 2006:

The President of the US is calling for a new biometric card to be assigned to illegals who turn themselves in under the new immigration reform bill. They will be given this card which will contain and image of their fingerprint as a way to identify the holder as an illegal who is being allowed to remain within the US and to be legally employable.

The only way these new illegal biometric cards will work is if ALL employers and enforcement personnel are equipped with card readers and fingerprint scanners. This way, the employers can scan the employees fingerprint and compare it to the data stored on the card. Enforcement personnel will have to use them when running checks on citizenship and tracking. Each unit can cost from several hundred to several thousands of dollars. Are we willing to cover this additional cost in order to allow illegals to remain in the US while we continue to keep the honest applicants OUT??? How is this fair?

Othewise, the idea of an illegal immigrant card is only as good as a social security card is now. (NOT)

And, while the President's press secretary Tony Snow says that this card will be used during INS searches to find illegals, that supposes that INS will be searching. INS has an almost negligible inspection rate. What is there that leads anyone to think this will change?!?!?

Besides, isn't it already illegal to hire illegals?? How will it now be MORE illegal to hire illegals who don't have the new illegal immigrant cards?

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