Sunday, February 11, 2007

Illegals More Favored Than Natives

Post from May 25, 2006:

Remember, all the elites in Congress have been saying that the 2006 Immigration Reform Bill is NOT amnesty for the illegals currently living in USA... illegally.


Let's compare a normal US citizen to an illegal who is currently working in the US.

If the normal US citizen lies about his citizenship, forges tax documents, fails to file taxes, uses a false Social Security Number, fails to appear in federal court would face up to 25 years in prison and over $200,000 in penalties.

If an illegal is found to be doing the exact same thing, this person will now be punished with an easy track to US Citizenship with only a small fee and limited payment of back-taxes.

Now, compare how these current US illegals compare to people from other countries trying to enter the US legally. The current fine for an illegal to get their citizenship is only $2,000 and may be delayed for up to 8 years while the illegal continues to reside and work in the US. While the non-US residing person trying to enter the country may have to spend upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in INS and lawyer fees while they have to remain in their own country awaiting approval.

Those non-US citizens currently in the country on an expired VISA are typically expelled while awaiting their renewal. But, the current immigration reform bill will allow ILLEGALS who are in our country now to remain.

Also, if the US can not, or is unable to, enforce immigration laws and is unable to find those people who have crossed our southern border illegally, then how are they now going to track these people down in order to force them to pay the citizenship fee under this new immigration reform bill? What purpose will it serve the illegal to undergo this process when they have already taken the easy route and crossed into our border illegally. And if true, that many of these illegals send most of their money back to Mexico and are typically forced to work in very low paying jobs, then how are they going to be able to afford this proposed citizenship fee??

THIS IS UTTER LUNACY!!!! Current naturalized latinos and those born here are up in arms more so than what this idiot elite in Congress know or care to understand. There is going to be a HUGE backlash against members of Congress if this senate bill is to pass.

Our only hope is with the members of the House to stand up for their version of the immigratio bill which forces all illegals to go back to their home country prior to seeking citizenship and forces the building of a wall and beefs up border patrol. Let's all here it for the HOUSE!!! I pray they keep their backbone!!

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