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Demand Management?? Hogwash!!

Post from November 6, 2006:

From an article:

From the UK:
"A major push to impose road tolls at rush hours and on congested routes is on the cards. Plans for drivers to pay for every mile driven at peak times or on traffic pinch points are set to be backed by a study commissioned by Chancellor Gordon Brown.

Government research has previously suggested a fee of up to £1.34 per mile would be needed to reduce congestion on main routes into London."

Based on past research and a push against urban sprawl, the UK will start charging vehicles on a per mile basis for driving on roads.
WHY?? Read on...
"The latest backing for the idea comes from Sir Rod Eddington, the former British Airways chief executive who was brought in by Mr Brown to recommend transport infrastructure priorities.

His independent findings, to be published in the next few weeks, will say "road pricing" is needed along with higher investment to keep Britain moving after 2015. Sir Rod will identify congestion as a threat to prosperity and argue that "demand management" in the shape of varying charges is a better answer than building more roads."
So, they feel that charging drivers a per-mile toll will cause them to drive roads less?? How can it? Charging a per-mile toll will reduce road usage so that they don't have to build bigger, better and more roads?? The key phrase in this story is "demand management". They feel that they can manage YOUR demand for the need for roads. They call traffic congestion a threat to prosperity. That may be true, but keeping people off the roads through taxation will kill prosperity.

So, if they are not going to build more roads and are forcing people off the roads, how are they planning on getting people into the city to work?
"Among his other recommendations will be longer platforms and trains to serve busy rail routes into London. He will also call for a shake-up in planning rules to prevent long inquiries from delaying major projects. That could have major implications for future airport expansions, which are usually held up for years."
So, build bigger train platforms to handle more people and more trains. Add more trains and rail systems. Know what that means? Imminent Domain! He also calls for shortening the construction process. Hmm,, now why can't that be used to build roads instead of airports?!? Yeah, they all to work in the city. A trip that takes less than an hour by car will now take half a day due to security checks. What am I saying.... ?!?!?! Who flies into work that is in their own city? How can decreasing the construction process for airports decrease road usage??

OK, how about high speed trains to get the increased load of people to work?
"Sir Rod is not expected to back a new high-speed rail link between London and Scotland, today's FT reported. Instead he will argue for more efficient use of existing lines."
Nope, sorry. You are SOL. You can't use the roads, the airports or even a high speed rail to get to work. Who do you think you are?? A taxpayer or something? Pshaw!! You have no power here!!

Did I mention the massive amount of taxes and fees that Brittains have to pay to even own and operate a car? Let alone try and fuel the thing.

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