Sunday, February 11, 2007

HAMAS Now Legitimate - NOT Terrorist Gang

Post from November 8, 2006:

Per Little Green Footballs:
"The Palestinian public voted overwhelmingly to elect a terrorist gang, Hamas, openly dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Said terrorist gang is continuing to launch rockets into Israel from Gaza, using residential areas for cover—with the full knowledge and obvious approval of the residents.

So what happens when the inevitable misfire occurs, and some of the civilians who voted for these genocidal murderers are killed? You got it. A barrage of press reports condemning Israel."
The press condemns Isreal for SUPPOSEDLY mis-firing a shell that was aimed at the rocket launchers.... that was launching their rockets from within residential neighborhoods. Sounds like Lebanon all over again. And, Lebanon was just a press ramp-up from their reporting bias on the activities within the Gaza Territories.

And, what did Hamas do following this action? They declared war on ..... AMERICA!! Oh, and they called off their truce against Isreal. Truce? There has been a truce? Then who has been shelling Isreali territories?

And in other news .... The UN says it found no evidence of the Israeli use of uranium-based munitions in Lebanon. The media is silent.

And, what of the UN's actions in Lebanon? How well are they reigning in the terrorists and preventing arms smuggling?? Here's how:
"Hizbullah terrorists are free to roam at night without fear of being identified by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), according to a report by the German paper Der Spiegel.

Spanish UNIFIL official Richard Ortax admitted to the paper that no patrols are carried out at night “because of the danger involved.” UNIFIL commanders said their function is to “observe changes in the behavior of the local population.”

One junior officer told Der Spiegel he was glad that his battalion had only left its camp once. “It’s absurd,” he said. “We landed here and set up our tent city, but since then we’ve only left the camp to drive around and to make sure that we’re seen.”

The report cites a long tradition of UNIFIL inaction, which it says allowed time for a Finnish contingent to construct a giant sauna ... "
I guess Israel is right when it estimates that within 9 months there will be war with Syria and Hezbollah again. Might want to add Hamas into that mix for a 3-sided war against Israel once again. Bye-Bye Damascus.

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