Sunday, February 11, 2007

Liberal Conservatives Will Destroy Us

Post from May 30, 2006:

OK.. It has come time to overhaul our governmental representative parties. Some say that we are a two-party system, however that ignores the fact that there are dozens of other minor parties that participate in our election process at all levels every year.

However, with the melding of the republican and democrat parties over the last few years, I say it is time to create a new party that will be faithfull to the people. This party must contain members who will not just have a party label to run under. Members must sign a contract stating that they will uphold the values of the new party's ideals. Should a member be deemed to have fallen outside of those values, they could suffer from being expelled.

I say, it is time to create the CONSERVATIVE party. It is time that a political party once again represent the values of the majority of the people, christian people, of this nation.

While my friend and I are in the process of deciding on the outcome of the party's mascot, I am liking the outline of the Minuteman: A staunch defender of his nation, a defender of truth and justice, who stands up to all evils whether internal or external, who is not afraid to identify a communist, socialist or any other democrat.

Some thoughts are for an eagle, a shark or barracuda, bulldog, or maybe even a red crescent with a big X over it.

This party will be composed of representatives who hold onto the highest ideals of the American way of life. Inasomuch, there will be no room for RINOS ( republicans in name only ) who flatulate between what they believe and what they feel based on recent polls.

I say it is high time for a party that is true to its name. It is time to create the Conservative Party.

Now, who do we want to represent us in this new party?
Rep. Tom Tancredo
Rep. Sensenbrenner
Rep. Dana Rohrbacher
Sen. James Inholf

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